Terrified of the car!!!!!
Now I know how an anxious dog feels riding in the car. 4225 Yikes My first born got his temps. Now he is a level headed calm patient kid. I made the mistake of letting him talk me into letting him drive me to the grocery store at 5:00!!!! SFun_duh2
I wasn't drooling and panting. But I yelped at him and nearly wet myself. Anyone got survival tips so your kid doesn't hate you and you don't start drinking
Maybe try starting in an empty parking lot then move to not busy roads? Driver's Ed can be helpful. Here in Ct it's necessary unless you want to pay a fortune in insurance. The instructors are paid professionals and can help get him started as well as help give you some advise.

Sorry, I'm no parent and I can't imagine what my parents or any other had to go through to teach their kid(s) to drive.
Yup we have done quiet parking lots and residential areas. He is in drivers ed. But he has to log in a certain amount of hours above the lessons once a week for the test. It's up in the hundreds. So they recommend having them do the driving for errands. I do most of the errands as the stay at home parent. We finally got our first new vehicle....a moose of a minivan....one of worst floor blind spots.
You have my complete sympathy. I told my husband that he had to teach the kids to drive so I wouldn't have a heart attack. He never got around to it so I ended up having my son take driving lessons. I don't know where you live but Las Vegas has horrible drivers and I couldn't handle the stress of teaching my kid to drive.
Maybe just leave it to your OH? My mom absolutely refuses to teach anyone to drive because she knows she's rather nervous so she just leaves it to my dad. Some people just have more of a knack for it than others. I would probably be horrible at it to be honest and end up in an accident.
Neenah is not horrible Sawyer and I attract the below speed limit drivers when I drive. We get the ice and snow for fun. I am a control freak in every sense of the word...not good. I hate to be sexist but I think that this may be where a man may have a leg up. The men I have known really don't have the need for control for their comfort level than the women I know. My dad was good. Wish he lived closer. I did tell Mike. I did the potty training and hygiene....he was on bikes and driving. Thought it would be nice to spend time together.
I am going to use your line, "I did the potty training and hygiene" when my youngest needs to learn to drive. I hope it will work!
I've now taught 2 to drive. For both of them, I had them drive rurally for a while. When I was comfortable with their ability to stay in their lane and their understanding of stopping and following distances, I started letting them take me to town. When they could handle more traffic and getting up to speed quickly, we started on the interstate, which is an absolute necessity here. Both of mine had to drive me around for 2 years before I would let them get their license. That way they had hundreds of hours of driving and had already been in pretty much every situation before they are turned loose on their own. My daughter is still pulling chauffer duty.
Gotta love 'em.
If I remember correctly I logged quite a few hours in parking lots and up at our cottage on country roads with lots of hills and curves. I think I may take a few more trips by my parents. And parking lots then let Mike on the road in the city. AND make him waits two years...maybe I can talk OH into trading other minivan for a smaller car that is not so new. My big beautiful baby my poor baby....
I'm sorry, your post did make me laugh! I remember when I was learning Dad taught me mainly and it went really well. Mum was and still is my best friend but oh my! She gave me 1 lesson, well I say 1 is was actually from the driveway and about 100ft on the street when we had a screaming row with both of us refusing to be in the car with the other. Along the lines of "If you don't do what I ask then this lesson is over!", "Good! Dad is a much better teacher and guides me rather than yells!". Yet when my younger brother was learning Mum was better than Dad - I think down to all our personalities. I did pass my test first time but it took my brother 2 attempts Wink

All I'll say is Good Luck!

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