Importing into the USA from Canada
I am hoping there will be a pup for me in a litter to be born at the end of Feb. I am going to drive up to pick up the puppy. I have tried to search the site but cannot get a hit. I have searched the web and found some info and am waiting for the CDC to email me back. Of course I am so impatient and I do not know how I am going to last for the next few months!

Can anyone give me information on driving a puppy across the border? I inquired with the CDC about the confinement agreements. I would love to hear some first hand experience from someone who has done this recently. I believe the laws changed a few years back.

Thanks in advance!

I went to Indianapolis from the Uk through Paris and Toronto .and back last October. The only thing they checked for the dogs was the dogs had their rabies vaccination when we went across the border to the USA.

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We took our kids to Canada a couple years ago on vacation. Aside from having their medical records, their food had to be in its original bag and unopened. They aren't required to be in a crate or anything like that. Keep in mind we took them up and brought them back. Not sure what the requirements are for bringing them here to stay are but I would for sure do all the research you can and be prepared for anything. Here's a link with some good info

Good luck!
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The only requirement that I know of is that they have had their rabies shot. But of course a little puppy is too young for that. My dog''s breeder brought him to the US and they didn't even check to see if he had his rabies. They stopped her, not because of any dogs or anything (she also brought two others along with him), but because she had a big van. I don't think you'll have much trouble if you use a small car and if they ask you what your business is don't mention the dog and say something like you're going to see a friend or taking a day. From what I hear, it's actually easier to get out of the US (and into Canada) than it is to get in.
I will ask my friend who will be at the seminar today She breeds Aussies and Lowxhen and has many pups cross the border from Canada to the USA
Thanks everyone for their information!

Quirkydog...That would be great and I would greatly appreciate it!

I would never try to hide anything...I am not good at that and 98% of what comes out of my mouth is about dogs! LOL

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