My mom went to the shelter and got a cat.
One of my cats is a rescue and was turned in to a shelter because "he didn't like to cuddle". He is a Bengal and was probably 4 months old, of course a young bengal didn't want to sit still!! They have tons of energy and its pretty common for this breed of cat to hate being held. All you would have to do is use Google and basic research would tell you not to purchase this breed if you wanted a good chance at a lap cat.

We also suspect he was struck as he was very fearful of raised hands and had an injury on his nose. It took many years of gaining his trust and now... even though he is generally not a cuddly breed, he LOVES to cuddle at bedtime. There is no bad bone in his body, he has never hissed at anyone or been grumpy and he LOVES dogs Smile All he needed was someone to be patient. My husband jokes that he is "the other dog". Smile

[Image: 28649767503_d2b97e4c8e.jpg]DSC_0001 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr
[Image: 29162484272_99d9604ba4.jpg]DSC_0006 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

[Image: jem3_zpsb0f9303a.jpg]
Bengals are known for their dog-likeness. What a sweet looking baby. I bet your pups wear him out!
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It drives me nuts when people get pets that are exactly what they are supposed to be and then they discard them because they aren't what they were never supposed to be. I'm sure glad he landed with you.
Gotta love 'em.
What a beautiful cat!  I agree with Gideon's Mom, don't people do any research before getting a pet?  I would love to have a Bengal but we have two cats and my husband says we are at our limit.  I would try to argue but at the moment they are both lying on my desk and I don't really have room for a third kitty.

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