My mom went to the shelter and got a cat.
Please forgive me for a little rant.

My mom lives a bit over 1000 miles away from me. She relocated recently and a couple of days ago went to her local shelter and adopted an adorable cat that for now is named "Miss Kitty". Miss Kitty is in for the happiest life ever, my mom is a caring pet parent.

After her trip to the shelter my mom posted this, "One of the volunteers found me weeping over a 2 year old Shepherd mix puppy that was depressed and was very sweet and understanding. The pup was rejected for being too playful and that just blew me away. Most people can just skip over feelings seeing injustice and animal and human neglect but for us it is truly serious business. The pup felt my distress and got up and came to the edge of his cage to comfort me. This is not the first time an animal has came to comfort me when I have been overwhelmed with sorrow, so the impact is even more profound. When will we learn?"

Part of me wished I had been with my mom, I bet I would have adopted that puppy. Another part of me knows I am still too raw from my having to have my GSD put down in November and this would have been on impulse (which would have worked out fine, I love and keep my pets).

Who gets rid of a puppy for being "too playful"? Puppies pee and poop and throw up things that they shouldn't have ingested in the first place. They chew on shoes and baseboards and carpet.

If it weren't for a thousand miles I would have this puppy, I hope he finds a wonderful and understanding home.
Aww, poor little guy! Maybe he had no off switch or was just too much dog. It does sound bad but maybe it's better for him to be in a shelter than in a home that can't properly take care of him.
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Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
Loyal Border, I agree, there are worse things then being dropped off at a shelter. I have had Shepherds and they are the most loyal dogs, they are really stressed when they can't be with their people so I worry about this puppy. Add to that my Mattie clings to me when she is afraid, and my family tells me how much she worries when I am away. I wish people would consider how difficult it is keeping a puppy and if they want a dog to possibly consider adopting an older, and easier, dog that needs a home. Like I said, I am a bit raw from losing my dog last November so I guess I am too sensitive. ;(
T&M, LB is so right and as tragic as this is, at least he has a chance. A chance some dogs never get. I have a story that is extremely recent and still very raw. I don't want to be a downer but maybe it will help you realise there may be a fortunate side to this boy being surrendered. Being surrendered is better than a crappy life with people who take cruel measures because they can't cope and also better than not getting a chance at all.

I have had the same neighbour for 25 years and he is the most irresponsible and clueless dog owner I have ever met. In the first 12 years we lived here, he had 7 dogs in a row, sometimes 2 at a time. No fences, no training and left to free roam. All met a sad end by snake bite, hit by cars, run over by him with his excavator and the last one picked up by council and PST because it took him 3 weeks to bother to look for it and then it was too late. Over those years his dogs killed one of mine, killed 39 chooks and attacked us on our adjoining road when on motorbikes. After the last one he didn't get another dog until 13 months ago.

He got a Staffy,(Moses) still no fences, no training and no socialisation at all. By 11 months of age the dog was very fearful and would bail us up every time we walked out our gate. My dogs were starting to become reactive to this and that upset me because I had put so much work into ensuring this did not happen. It would come to our house and bust in by forcing it's way under our dog wire house yard fence. I tried so hard to befriend it but it was hand shy from being smacked all the time. Eventually I got so that I could put him on lead to take him home all the time. I talked with the guy so many times but he just blew me off or said stupid things like, " I'll bring my rifle over for you so you can shoot the bastard next time he comes over.

A few weeks back as I went to step out my front door with my dogs in front of me, we were bailed up by Moses and a 3 dog fight ensued. Fortunately mine were on leads so I got them back inside quickly and went back to put Moses on lead and take him home. I took with me a print out from local council in respect to laws on keeping dogs. When I got there he belted Moses in front of me and I got really angry with him,I said "you have just punished him for letting me put him on lead and bring him home". I told him I was sick of talking about it and I had to do what was best for my dogs and ensure their safely. The poor dog was kept chained up in the yard all day, every day and as soon as he got off he would come to my house. In no time at all Moses is back again and was digging and barging his way under the fence again, they are strong, determined dogs. This time when I went to put him on lead he growled and bit at me. I took him home and told the owner I had enough and was ringing council. He just blew me off again. I rang council about the roaming dog, we have very strict laws about it. Council came out and talked with him a few days later and that afternoon we heard a gunshot from the neighbours house. We think he has shot Moses. Moses was only 15 months old and I had been telling my neighbour my prediction as to what might eventuate for months.

I feel so bad about the whole thing, I had tried to befriend him with my dogs but he was pushy, bad mannered and intimidating to my dogs who came to fear him and hate him. Not his fault due to the lack of socialisation but still a big problem. I wanted to throw him in my car and take him to a shelter in the next shire where he would have stood a chance but my partner said that would be stealing and I shouldn't do it. I so wish I had done it anyway because then he would have had a chance. Staff's are popular and he was young and would have been a good dog for someone who gave him an ounce of care and attention.

I totally understand how you feel about this little GSD X and yes they do thrive on being with a family but they are resilient and smart. He will show someone else the same side of him that he showed your mum and probably has a really good chance of finding an awesome forever home.
His family might have failed him but at least they did the right thing by the dog and gave him a chance at a better future. Not like my arsehole neighbour who just went out the back and shot his problem.

This is Moses at my home, you can see the fear in Max's eyes as he tries to stand his ground.

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I am so sorry trifan.

We had a similar experience not long after we moved here. A young dog at the time about Obi's age was always at our house. Calling the owner to come get him did no good and taking him home, he was back at our house before we could get there.
I called the authorities a few times and when nothing was done by the owner they gave him a fine. Fast forward a year and it continued until I had a bad day and decided the dog needed a better life.
The next day I loaded him up and took him to town with me. I set it up in advance to have someone take him. The city is about an hour away and I knew the owners would never go looking for him. Since then he has been house trained and had the best life for the past 5 years.
I would do it again in a heartbeat to save a dog from a life undeserved.

There are very few humans I dislike but the depth at wich I dislike any human who abuses a dog or any animal is great.

Tasha's&Mattie'sMom I hope someday you can find another GSD to rescue because he would have a great life being loved by you. Heart

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Beaux our beloved bratty Bichon came to us a year or so old with a basket full of issues having been passed to 3 different homes till he wound up in a rescue home. The lil dog has boundless energy and a very playful nature but not what previous owners wanted. I assume they were looking for a trophy dog they could carry around in their purse or something. That definitely aint the brat. He came to us with dental issues cause he and been trying to chew his ways outa a crate. He had horrible separation anxiety and went nuts if we left him for a short while. Peggy saw him on the internet and fell in love and came to me saying we gotta take this poor lil fella in. Here it is 2 years later and ya couldn't have a better dog. Jolie has been as good for him as he has been for her. We cant believe anyone would not only abandon this dog but torture him so. When our older Bichon passed away he was obviously lonely and played a big part in us getting Jolie
There is a reason I can't volunteer at shelters. I have a hard enough time walking past the Saturday adoption events at Petco when I'm picking up food - especially considering it's the same agency I got Ember from that is trying to find homes.
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Trifan, thank you for telling your story. What a horrible experience, I am really sorry you had to go through that.

My daughter has a friend that got a puppy a few weeks ago. Dad bought the puppy from some guy selling puppies out of the back of his SUV in a grocery store parking lot. The puppy ended up sick with Parvo and the teen-age daughter stayed home from school for a few days to tend to the puppy. The puppy survived and just after it was well the dad said he might get rid of it because it was barking and not yet housebroke. It was this experience along with picturing my mom crying at the shelter that made me redirect my frustration onto the unknown past owners of a dog in a shelter far away.

Mattie was found as a stray in ranch country. When I adopted Mattie her foster mom said it was lucky that she was found, ranchers will shoot stray dogs to protect livestock. Mattie had only been with me a couple of days and I decided to take all the dogs to the park. Mattie was on a long line and something frightened her. She ran straight for my car, with me running to keep up, and hid on the floor in the backseat. This and a few other experiences led me to think that she may have been dumped. Terrified puppy, under a year old, left to fend for herself in the country. Being taken to a shelter would have been the right thing to do. Thankfully she was found and cared for.
When we bought our property and started building our house, the people behind us just let their pitbull roam. A couple times it came over and went after us, especially focusing on my daughter who was 2 at the time. I said something to the owner and he told me to shoot it if it became a problem. I told some of the guys that were building the house about it when they were playing with the dog one day, and one of them did me a tremendous favor and took the dog home. At least, that's what I think happened, since I never saw the dog again. About a week later the "owner" finally asked if I had seen it. I could honestly tell him I hadn't seen it since the day after he told me to shoot it and that I didn't know where it went from there.

We have so many bad owners and so few good ones here that it's just sad.
Gotta love 'em.

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