Bronwen: Dog Group Walk
I took Bronwen along to one of the regular countryside walks our dog training group organizes. There were about 15 dogs and only 2 younger than Bron, with 5 of the dogs being owned by the 2 trainers (2 of the pups belonged to one of them). The walk was a mixture of off road (so off lead) and along the road (so on lead) and the dogs were put on lead when ever we saw other people (as a pack of 15+ dogs is more than a little intimidating!). I was concerned that when with other people & dogs Bronwen gets excited and distracted and basically I'm invisible. But she was an absolute star - she'd run off to explore or play with the other dogs then stop and look for me, I'd call her and she'd come at a flat out run and every time I needed to get her back on lead she was one of the first to drop into a sit or down so I could get her lead back on. She was actually one of the best behaved dogs in the group in that respect (still pulling on lead though!). I was nervous before we went, given her age and attention span, but she couldn't have been any better behaved. Consequently we both had fun and she was stull tired yesterday LOL

Although this is actually the result of lots of bits of consistent training seeing it come together felt like a real breakthrough to me. I must admit to feeling slightly smug when Bronwen came back and I got her on lead to see my trainer's dog charge past and completely ignore her Wink (not a comment on her training ability as she's awesome but more on a BC being a head strong BC)
Well done to you both, you deserve to be very proud of yourself and Bronwen. It's an awesome feeling isn't it when you finally put your hard work to the test and they do you proud. I felt the same way on the first occasion I took Max camping at a tracking event. I was so worried that he would take off back to camp after all the other dogs instead of coming back to me but he did so well. Such a similar situation, I was with a friend who is a trainer and she's always got too much to say. I was quietly feeling smug when her 3 year old GSD took off, refused to listen and only came back when I sent Max back out, recalled again and the GSD followed him. I know pride is said to come before a fall but I couldn't help feelings quite chuffed.

Bouncing WoW that sounds like an amazing day.

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Congratulations! Greenstars It's so fun to see all the training and good behaviors come together! Good job, your proudness is totally deserved! Big Grin
Fantastic!!! 5210 You've both worked hard and now it's paying off,enjoy!!
How fun! Good girl!
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I have heard from a lot of trainers that the trainer's dog is the last to be trained. It was never a problem for me because when I was running a class, I was also a student in a class somewhere else or my dogs grew up being demo dogs for my class.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks all.

Gideon's mom, my trainer uses her dogs as demo dogs and she competes (and wins) regularly, it was just a typical BC moment but did make everyone laugh Big Grin

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