Border Collie mix mystery :)
Jolie was concieved while the breeders were away on vacation.....Opppps. the breeder ahd all the pups DNA tested to insure they were pure bred, and of their male BC she didn't say how much it cost her but seems like the answer to ya riddle
I've thought about it. I might end up going to that way to satisfy my curiousity. But in the meantime i'm having fun with researching it.
From what I understand, DNA tests to determine breed are horribly unreliable. The reason the test worked for Jolie is because the breeder was testing how Jolie's DNA matched up against the DNA of a dog they owned.

Hope that makes sense.
i think so Smile
This is Jolie on her 5 month birthday last week we were assured she was pure but havent recieved her papers yet who cares we love her anyways.

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That is one amazingly adorable puppy. I wouldn't question for a minute that she is all BC. If your breeder did DNA testing and compared the results with "we think this is daddy" and all lined up, I wouldn't question it. It is just when you DNA test for what breed your pup is that it becomes questionable.

It is sort of like if you took one of my children and compared the DNA to me, the genetic markers would line up and a scientist would say, "Yes, that is your child." On the other hand if you took the DNA from my child and wanted to know skin color, eye color, hair color, it would make it more complicated.

I'm not a scientist so I hope I am not being too confusing.
They probably don't call them fiddle feet. Look for breeds that have hare feet.
Gotta love 'em.
Hare feet? hmmm a new term to learn. Smile
Took Phoebe to the vet. The vet was thinking she is mixed with a cavie
or possibly a small cocker. But she's leaning towards the cavie. No
guarantees though. I started looking at pictures/descriptions and I can
see why she is of that opinion.
Yes, I can see the Cavie idea as a possibility as well. It's so intriguing, I mean she could be a BC crossed with a crossbreed as well or a crossbreed BC crossed with something else. There are so many possibilities in respect to how the cards fall. In any event she sure got all the cuteness genes.

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