Border Collie mix mystery :)
Recently our family grew with another furry baby, Phoebe. We took her in on a rescue situation and we're told she was a miniature border collie. After doing some research I found out that there aren't miniatures. I've been doing a lot of research to see if i could figure it out. From everything I've looked for different dog traits and characteristic from tails to ears to her fiddle feet. I think my little girl is a bordigan. Border Collie Cardigan welsh corgi mix.. She's over a year old. 29 pounds. Phoebe is approx 16 inches from the ground to her withers and 19 from rump to her neck. Hard to get alot of measurements with all her wiggling around. I'm open to everyone's thoughts on this.


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While I agree that she looks like she is mixed with something, corgi is not what I would have guessed. Her head doesn't look BC or Corgi or half way between the two either. The feet aren't out of line for some BCs, but I would guess Pekingese due to her head shape, feet, and crooked legs.
Gotta love 'em.
Whatever she is, she is absolutely beautiful. I bet you have a grand time with her!
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Ha! I'm really bad at guessing breeds so I won't even try. :raspberry:

She is adorable and I bet you love her to shreds! Wink
Thank you. took me about 2 seconds with those brown puppy dog eyes looking at me to fall head over heads. She is a fun lovable little bundle of energy. It's also fun to watch her try to herd the big dogs (chocolate lab and a husky) they don't let her get away with it too much. lol

hmmm Pekingese. I don't see pekingese when i look at her. Something to think about Smile
Possibly some sort of spaniel? There is an Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix that I see once in a while at agility trials and she has a very different look from your pup. Whatever the mix, she is super cute!
Thank you... i think so, adorable plus. She had me hooked from the beginning. There was no way i wasn't taking her home. Smile

I've been thinking along the lines of some kind of spaniel, corgi... or possible a dachshund. I've been researching breeders in my area since who had her before me said she was a miniature. Thinking hmmmm maybe they got her from a breeder who was misleading. Hoping for some luck there, but nothing panned out.
Your photo of her looking up at the camera with her fuzzy ears, slightly turned up nose, and fuzzy feet....I would have been hooked too. Love
She's gorgeous! I'd have said sort some of Spaniel too, maybe Springer from the legs and chest shape.
She is gorgeous no matter what breed she is. Maybe she has dwarfism and is actually all BC, it happens apparently but I don't really have a clue and I am hopeless at guessing breeds. I can however see why others are suggesting a spaniel. Beautiful girl.

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