Border Collie Mix...?
I will make sure to do that then, thanks for the tip. Like I said he is definitely leaner at the moment, so I'll try to keep that consistent so I don't have to worry about him having problems with his joints (in the picture he is crouched a little so it kinda throws off what his actual body shape looks like). It's great getting all these different responses and opinions, it's very helpful.
Only- borders- yes, he has started loosing his teeth. I am also looking forward to see him grow up, it will be interesting and will probably confirm thoughts on his mix.
Beautiful pup! I would agree with BC/Lab, but I'm definitely not one to quote lol.
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He's very cute! If I had to guess I'd also say Lab or Golder, not so much because of the head shape (as others have said there's a huge range in BCs) but the eye shape (rounder) and nose (slightly wider and nostrils point forwards rather than slightly down). Whatever his mix, he's fabulous and I bet great fun Big Grin
Keller is so handsome.
Could well be a BC mix. It's hard to tell on a pup. Also I find different areas have a lot of different popular mixes.
Here being Alberta, a lot of cattle. We have a lot of BC x heelers, BC. X GSD, BC x Pyrenees.
so cute. i would guess mixed with some kind of lab/retriever as well. I have had both american and english type lab. I definately see where lab is a possibility. Bet he is fun, those eyes say smart and mischievous
Look into DNA testing
Oh, he's a fun one for sure, haha. I live in Oregon so it's very outdoorsey and there are areas with a lot of cattle and farms. I also live in a town that loves dogs and is very dog friendly, so I see a lot of different breeds here. And regarding the DNA test- we were actually gifted a wisdom panel test. Although I know they aren't completely accurate, it will be interesting and fun to see what it says. I definitely think there might be lab or golden in the results. Once again, he's a great dog no matter his breeds.
This is just my hunch, but I would say Border Collie and possibly Golden. The collection of his features make me think BC DEFINITELY! Markings and color are right, ears look right, and the look in his face and eyes looks very intelligent. I think by the time he is grown, you will know pretty much for sure.
(02-01-2017, 06:32 PM)Dextey Wrote: This is my new rescue pup, Dexter. We got him recently at a nearby shelter with no knowledge of his parents. They labeled him as a golden retriever/ spaniel mix, which I believed at first but after research and looking at his features and personality more, I think I see a lot of BC in him. A few BC owners that we have encountered in public say that he looks BC as well. I'm really not sure though and would like other opinions. At first I was very confused because of his white/tan coloring, but after researching I found out that BCs come in the color. We think he's around four months (?) old at the moment, and the last time we weighed him which was a couple weeks ago, he was 20 pounds, so he has probably gained a little since then.
He has very fluffy ears that flop around and stand up sometimes, what looks like BC markings/ coat pattern, and a tail that curls up at at the end. He was pretty lanky looking when we got him. He can be very crazy at times (like every puppy) but I noticed that he does this "stare" at our rough collie sometimes, which I heard borders do. Anyways, what are your guy's thoughts?

Yes, the BC hypnotic stare.

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