Border Collie Mix...?
This is my new rescue pup, Dexter. We got him recently at a nearby shelter with no knowledge of his parents. They labeled him as a golden retriever/ spaniel mix, which I believed at first but after research and looking at his features and personality more, I think I see a lot of BC in him. A few BC owners that we have encountered in public say that he looks BC as well. I'm really not sure though and would like other opinions. At first I was very confused because of his white/tan coloring, but after researching I found out that BCs come in the color. We think he's around four months (?) old at the moment, and the last time we weighed him which was a couple weeks ago, he was 20 pounds, so he has probably gained a little since then.
He has very fluffy ears that flop around and stand up sometimes, what looks like BC markings/ coat pattern, and a tail that curls up at at the end. He was pretty lanky looking when we got him. He can be very crazy at times (like every puppy) but I noticed that he does this "stare" at our rough collie sometimes, which I heard borders do. Anyways, what are your guy's thoughts?

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Mine does the "stare" at the husky right before they go and play/roughhouse. His ears also look really similar minus the fluff. Dexter is a handsome guy whatever breed he is! Big Grin
WOW he is just adorable ! I am not real good at guessing mixes but I would suggest BC X Lab. I can sure see a lot of BC but I can see lab in his fuller/broarder muzzle and forehead (at this age). Also the heavier set of his body and legs in the side on photo, particularly considering he is only 4 months old. As bad as I am at guessing I'd probably put money on him having BC. The markings in general and particularly that white tipped tail. My youngest has quite fluffy ears like your boy. They do come in this colour although usually just a tad darker but that slight dilution could be from the other breed. I'll be interested to read what others think.
He looks part BC to me. Goodness, he is cute!

Size isn't the best indication of breed. My Tasha is around 18" tall and is 30-32 pounds. My agility instructor has a BC that is a very lean 60 lbs. and towers over Tasha.
Thanks for your guy's thoughts so far! He is a great pup despite whatever breed he is (and I agree, super cute too haha). I did notice that his muzzle and head were broader than the BCs that I have seen, making me curious, so I can see how lab can be in him. Also, since we got him about a month ago, his tan fur has definitely gotten darker. Maybe it's just the fluctuating puppy weight as well, but he is leaner at the moment than in the posted side body picture but it kinda goes back and forth.
I have a broad head and broad muzzle.
Here is a registered BC.

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And my Tasha, also a registered BC.

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Border Collie faces come in lots of shapes and sizes.

Also, a puppies body style will fluctuate as they grow. Now that Tasha is almost three it has become easier to control her weight. When she was young it was a constant challenge to feed her to keep her lean but not too skinny.
Thanks for the info. Beautiful dogs. Obviously I'm new to the BC world and am definitely Interested in having a pure in the future. They seem like challenging but overall great dogs with awesome personalities. It's amazing how many different shapes and sizes border collies come in. I also forgot to mention that he is very, very smart, haha.
I would guess that he's a BC mix, but as everyone has pointed out, BCs come in all different shapes and sizes. Just in case the mix part is a lab or golden, and because it's healthier anyway, make sure you keep him lean until he is fully grown. It's normal for them to go downright skinny after a growth spurt, but that's better than joint damage from carrying too much weight too young or having joints form too fast and not form well.
Gotta love 'em.
My first thought was also Border Collie/Lab. You said you were guessing he is about 4 months. Has he started losing his teeth yet? That usually can start around 4 months.

He is cute. It will be fun to watch him grow up.

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