Fur everywhere!!!
Hey everyone I haven't been on in a while forgot my password but I'm on again. I just had a few questions about what you have found works well for reducing dog hair in your house? We have been vacuuming and washing things as often as possible. We give Rambo a bath about every 3 months and have been using a very basic brush on him. We just ordered a furminator for long hair dogs to see if this helps. Do you have any advice? What has worked best for you? He turns 1 year old in about 3 weeks. Here are a few updated pics

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Sorry but the furminator is not a good idea for a BC's coat. Yes they will brush away a lot of hair but at the same time destroy the coat as they are quite savage and actually end up cutting the coat. I used one on my GSD however I was rather strongly warned against using one on a BC. On Australian BC groups pretty well 100% of people including many groomers warn against them.

I have been using a slicker brush for mine since the beginning and have recently added an undercoat rake. If you haven't already been brushing him on a regular basis you might have quite a task on you hands so just work in small sections at a time. You may be surprised how much hair has fallen out but still entwined in the undercoat.
If anyone finds a cure for the shedding problem let me know. I brush every other day. I don't get much out with each brushing on normal days but on the odd day I do get a handful from the 2 oldest.
As soon as there are released into the house they start dropping hair all over the place. I can brush and brush and get nothing but one shake of their coat and it rains hair. I'm ready to bring the leave blower in the house to blow all the hair out the doors. Hmm, Eusa_think that might actually work. Wacko

I have never found a good solution to shedding but I did try the furminator twice and have never used it again.

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Haha, the leaf blower does work ! I haven't done it in the house but have often used it in my workshop/studio where the dogs spend a lot of time with me and it is also their sheltered space when I am out. It has an open air enclosure attached for them. The leaf blower does an awesome job and quick. It has crossed my mind to try it in the house but the dust factor stops me. On any given day I have as much dirt brought in by them as I do hair dropped off them. I guess they are spoilt as I have an open door policy so they can come and go from the garden as they please. Oh well, I only have a small house so daily vacuum and mop is a small price to pay.
Umm blowing around in the house I see hair stuck to walls windows curtains furniture and clothes. I figure if I got the dog I knew there would be hair especially if I get lazy about grooming. So I have to deal. Can't wait for the cat hair to go it is far worse.
Umm yeah, joking with the blower (humour) !
Yeah I am that dumb Rolleyes
HaHaHa!!! I had the image in my mind! I have multiple long haired cats and dogs, so a very hairy house and the dust that collects everywhere does have hair in it, on the walls, around the picture frames, everywhere. There aren't enough hours in the day to keep my house dusted and hair free, but I do try. I use a slicker, because they hold on to hair better than any other brush, so I have slightly less loose in the house. I won't use a furminator, because it can take years to undo the damage that they do to the guard hairs. From what I have heard from peole who do use them is to only use it very lightly.
Gotta love 'em.
There is a lovely and rather quaint lady at the arts and craft market I attend as a smallholder. She spins wool from all manner of creatures and has said she once spun enough wool from a long haired cat to knit a small garment. She tells me I should save up all the hair so she can spin it for me. It's a novel thought and perhaps feasible once I have three to brush LOL. I wonder what you might smell like if you wore such a garment on a wet day ?
My sweet GSD that passed away last November.

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If Shepherd fur was worth something my children would all have trust funds.

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