opinions on my bc pup
Here is my blue merle just turned 7 month old male puppy just wanted to know general opinions on him as have some very critical views on him because of his light blue eyes also would I be harshly criticized for showing him as some say he's not pure bred however he is all views welcome


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BCs come in all shapes and sizes, blue eyes included. There are people on here that have BCs with blue eyes and I have seen purebred BCs in real life with them too. BCs are characterized by the work they do and how they do it not by their looks. He sure is a handsome chap whether or not he is purebred and I'm sure you love him dearly! Big Grin
Thankyou I love him with everything I have after I lost my 5 year old bc I rescued personally I thought I wouldn't get one again because of how heartbroken I was but then badge came into my life at first I kept a distance because of how I felt and didn't want him to take devons place but I've learnt there is another part of my heart for Devon where he is still remembered however I open my heart to more animals in need Like badger x
Hi, he is a sweetheart. Many BC's have blue eyes or one of each and some people prefer it. I don't know anything about showing so I don't know if it is a disqualifying point. Ignore peoples criticism, how dare they ! One of the things I love about BC's is the huge variation. As for being purebred, well if he is a registered pup with papers then that is the end of that isn't it. In Australia you can only show dogs with registered papers.

I do however question that he is a blue merle. I think he might be a Blue tri. I have one of each and they are quite different. Your boy is similar in colour to my blue tri except my boy has more tri colour on him. I notice a touch of tri colour on your boys cheek. Are these recent photo's ? I ask simply because he looks small for 7 months with still a puppy coat.
Here is my "Blue" and "Blue Merle" both are tri's obviously. The photo is a few months old and the young fellow is much bigger now with adult coat development (now 6 1/2 months) but this shows you an idea of the difference. What was his colour as a little pup, all solid or a mix of black, grey, white ?

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Hi many thanks for the reply and thankyou he is well my world and as you are a fellow bc lover you'll understand how it feels when they get knocked down because of sheer looks and yea I'm not to sure how to describe his colouring I will get a picture tomorrow as those were the only semi recent ones I had as I've lost my other phone aha and yea he os quite an odd colour and predominately grey and white with black tips on his ears aha
As far as I am concerned, a BC is as a BC does. Yes, I admit that I am drawn to unusual colours and when purchasing a pup will be influenced to a degree by colour preference but my first priority is temperament. Having said that, my blue merle boy was the last dog I would have chosen on colour as I wasn't a fan of merles. Now I think he is just beautiful but that is the overwhelming influence of loving who he is LOL. I am all about who the dog is before what it looks like. Your boy is gorgeous and you will never get knocked down on this forum as these are genuine people who are passionate about the breed in all it's variations. People who's judgement and criticisms are based purely on looks are not people who's opinion matters anyway as far as I am concerned.
Who is "knocking" him down? I am confused.
Some people just see BCs as black and white. I still have people asked occaisionally what my BC is mixed with because she is a black tri.
They just don't know.
I too don't think he is a blue Merle, he's darker than either of my blue girls, but a lot are difficult to see they are blue until you put them next to a black dog because they are so dark. My 2 blues and my lilac girl.
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A lot of people don't recognize BCs if they don't look like the dogs in "Babe." They just don't know that BCs come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.
Gotta love 'em.

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