Who does agility?
Sadly I see this too Trifan, particularly in Agility. Even with Draco I trained with some very seasoned Agility people, who were horrified I was working some calming games with Draco. They said I should be playing tug on the side lines to keep his drive. When I stated that this was not drive they couldn't see it. It really is a terrible state he was in. His feet were sweating, his pupils were large, he was screaming. He was frantic.
The subject of Drive V Energy is one that doesn't seem to get enough coverage and I think even a basic understanding of the difference particularly in sporting circles would greatly benefit the dog world. I am not qualified to attempt much of an explanation but I have a sound working knowledge of it and a knack for seeing the difference. I basically see it as Drive being purely genetic and specific to a type of drive and Energy while having roots in genetic predisposition is driven by the metabolic system, hormones and also learned/reward. An action may be triggered initially by an innate drive but ongoing enthusiasm can be a hormonal high rather than drive. Many dogs are both high drive and high energy and I think Max is such a dog so I work with balancing that as best I can. He would absolutely blitz a repetitive sport such as flyball that feeds into his OCD tendencies as well but I think he would generally be a mess and it would likely take years off his life.
Don't get me wrong, I love agility and fully support it for many dogs. No doubt a "hormonally driven dog" would do exceptionally well but is it in the best interest of all dogs just because they are good at it. Should these dogs be considered as breeding prospects because of "Titles" ? I personally don't think so.
I think a better understanding of Drive V Energy would be a bonus for any owner of a working breed. Dr Google has many articles LOL
The reason I have Tasha is because my daughter wanted to do agility with my GSD and he didn't like it. Thankfully, Tasha loves agility.

I don't know if I will ever compete with Mattie. She gets really stressed around strange dogs. She comes with us to all the trials but we keep our distance from other dogs when she is out of her crate.
I am still 100% sure Ember would ADORE agility - IF I could teach it to her in a non classroom setting. I think she would shut down in any sort of classroom or actual trial. Maybe if she was confident in the sport we could build up to it, but I would be happy to just learn how to do it one on one.
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The only reason I am attempting lessons with Mattie is that the training center will be almost empty and Mattie is used to going to class with Tasha so it won't be much change from her normal routine.
Gideon naps in his crate while other dogs are running and everyone wonders how I taught him to do that.
Gotta love 'em.

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