Who does agility?
Just wanted to know the people here that like agility. Any level from "I play at it at home" to "I made it to Nationals".

Tasha is almost three and my daughter has been training her since about six months. Before that my daughter worked with our GSD who despised agility. A friend let Savannah work with her Aussie until Tasha was old enough to trial and they did really well at AKC, NADAC, and CPE trials.

I took Mattie to a few agility classes but she didn't do well. Unfamiliar dogs in the class along with an obedience class going on at the same time that had a few reactive dogs (we couldn't see them but could hear them) made Mattie a nervous puddle of pup and it was a challenge to keep her from shutting down completely. I'm planning to start private lessons with Mattie next week. Only Tasha and the agility instructors dog's will be in the building so I think Mattie will be fine.

With Tasha we have only competed in NADAC. Tasha has a few titles in intro. and we did one trial at the Novice level and she has a couple of qualifying runs. Our season runs from October to May, the other months it is too hot to trial.
I'm trying to start agility. Plan on watching a few near by trials to see how they do it. Who knows, maybe Kep and I will get good enough to start competing in trials.
I don't do agility on a competitive level. I don't know about the dogs but I do know I don't have it in me. We do however do our own form of agility at home. I have a tunnel and weave poles but we also have a compact motorcycle trials course on our block. You know the type of riding that is all about balance and control, they climb things and negotiate obstacles. It has logs and narrow beams to balance on, stacked logs and boulders to climb & jump and a water hazard through a dam. Although it is built for bikes it is still very usable by the dogs and they love it.
My kid is the agility expert. I plan to warn our instructor that I am a big klutz and a slow learner and to top that off I am ambidextrous which for me translates to not ever knowing if I should use my left or right hand. 8|

I wanted to upload a couple of videos of my kid running Tasha (Intro. in NADAC is very simple) but it keeps telling me the file is too big, hopefully I can get that one figured out.
You can upload to youtube and then attach a link.
Intro. Level NADAC Regular

Hope this works.
Aww, it didn't work. Sad When you upload you have to upload it as unlisted and not privet. If it's unlisted it won't show up in a youtube search but you can still use a link but if it's privet only you can see it.
Changed it! It should work now.
It works! Thumbsup Oh wow, she is fast! Those two make a great team. Big Grin Maybe some day I'll bee as good as them. Tongue Probably not. :raspberry:
We have been doing a little agility but it's off for the winter. Back on in a few months. We made some practice equipment from pvc pipe. We still work comands inside during the winter.

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