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I am interested to hear experiences of others in respect to keeping 3 or more dogs. We are getting a 3rd pup a little earlier than anticipated as ideally we would have waited until Jasper was at least 12 months old. It now looks like he will only be 10 months when the new pup comes into our home. My preferred Dame will be mated in February and it will be the last time she is mated to my preferred Sire.

I would really like to get a female this time so I am keen to receive opinions on a 2 male,1 female household V a 3 male household. Max is recently neutered and Jasper will be neutered at 18 months. I realise this does not negate interest in the scent of a female however I mention it from the point of view that the 2 males will be on an even keel hormonally. I would not be inclined to get the new pup (of either sex) desexed until 18 months.

Thoughts please.
With my very limited experience of having to care for three dogs at once, I don't think there's much (if anything) I can say that you don't already know. All I have to say is good luck, congratulations and don't forget to share all the puppy pics! Big Grin Can't wait to meet your new little puppy mate!
I have had 3 of my own plus my daughters golden.
You will be fine as you are dog savvy.
I found with three, there is definitely a pack, so you need to be of some importance to that pack, lol. I am not talking pack leader lol,
I found I had to intervene a little more.
Advantages are, you have a Golden that doesn't always want to recall, you and the rest of the pack can run off especially when a Golden is in a field with a bull (he was soooo special) the pack can work to your advantage. That is another story.
I found there was no 'top' dog, it was dependant on the situation, very fluid.
I would have 3 dogs now, but I don't want to bring a dog in with May, she is 14 this week and weak in her backend, she knows she is vulnerable.
I have noticed Draco is not so terrified of her now. I want her to live out her life as she is, a happy, bossy, queen bee.
I have 1 female and 2 males. The males are younger than the female. They all get along fine except when Pax, the youngest, tries to kiss Zoe, the oldest. She doesn't want his kisses.

Then there is the sniffing of her butt. Crazy males need to always know what is going on there. A simple ah ah and they stop.

Ages are Zoe 12, Obi 5 and Pax almost 3. When walking in the fields or woods they are always checking in with us and each other. They are never far from each other in the house or outside.
I wouldn't want any less than 3 at any one time anymore.

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It sounds like 3 is a good number, well at least until it is 4. haha
Three is my preferred number. That way when I take one away to work, the others have each other for company. I also have 2 boys and 1 girl and that's how I like it. My girl is going to be 15 in 2 weeks. My boys are 6(in 4 more days) and 5(a couple weeks after that). The next pup will be a girl.
Gotta love 'em.
Just a little excited ! I have just chatted with my breeder and all is looking well for the whelping of the litter from which I hope to get a little female. The boys and I visit the breeding kennel often and I have been invited to be there for the duration of the birthing process. All measures will of course be taken to ensure Trixies (the mum) comfort with that. She knows me well so that is a good start. SO EXCITED !!!!!!
We have had our prospective new pups crate/nursery all set up for over 6 months LOL
Oh my goodness! Congrats! How cool will that be!
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(11-16-2017, 05:47 PM)Ember Wrote: Oh my goodness! Congrats! How cool will that be!

Oh, I forgot the important part. They are due next Wednesday  ! Yahoo
4225 You have made it through the easy part this far. Now after next Wednesday the hard part sets in. The wait time before you can take home your pup can seem like centuries. 

I'm sooooo happy and excited for you. The countdown begins.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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