Today's Kep's birthday! Yahoo Here's to celebrating your first year little buddy! From the puppy piles:
[Image: FB_IMG_1486572883698_zpsknriiptk.jpg]
To the day I brought you home:
[Image: 20160403_103015_zps2bqfta4a.jpg]
Our wonderful adventures at Acadia National Park:
[Image: 20160814_180304_zpsgnkp5s3w.jpg][Image: 20160814_180418_zpslpwn3ius.jpg][Image: 20160815_151728_zpsnhltkved.jpg][Image: 20160816_092418_zpstsojhfgs.jpg][Image: 20160818_053309_zpsiqhjwb2e.jpg]
The beautiful fall leaves:
[Image: 20161018_174950_zpsbfszvtli.jpg][Image: 20161018_175254_zpsufiewovk.jpg]
All the way to your first winter and big snowstorm:
[Image: 20170209_101357_zpsqva5zjwo.jpg]
We have been though a lot already and yes there have been plenty of bad/troubling times. From the UTI, through the constant struggles and frustrations of house training and bite inhibition, all the way through the allergic reaction in November:
[Image: 20161114_192621_zps4rornd5q.jpg]
To the troubles of the diarrhea of a few weeks ago. But we also had a lot of good, great and just plain awesome times too; it all more than outweighs the trouble and frustration. Thanks for being my dog little guy! I'm sure you taught me more in your first year of life than I will probable ever be able to teach you! I am so looking forward to all our adventures, troubles, struggles and just plain good times in the years to come. You don't learn anything if there aren't any struggles and getting through them only makes the bond stronger. I'm looking forward to it all and here's to another great year and for many years to come! I love you Kep, quirks and all!
[Image: 20170209_101311_zpsd3th9bsb.jpg]
Oh, and just for fun, here's an evil fly swatter.
BaconDance Happy Birthday Kep BaconDance

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

happy birthday Kep!!!he appears to be a wonderful friend!!
Happy Birthday
Same day as May
Really? They can be birthday buddies! BaconDance Happy birthday to May too! Smileys-birthday-383240

And thank you everyone! I'm sure Kep would say the same if he could! Big Grin
Happy birthday sweet pup! He is such a handsome boy!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

Gotcha Day: November 14, 2015
Vet-Listed Birthday: May 2, 2014
Happy Birthday! Happybirthday

Love the video, Tasha has had that same reaction to a few of our evil household items. Giggle
Smileys-birthday-383240 KEP
Happy Birthday!!

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