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I don't remember my dog ever resisting getting into the car but this was over 20 years ago and she was only 7 lbs. as an adult so we usually put her into the car.

I agree with the above about your focus. Mattie has lots of fears and when I first got her I was really stressed if I knew something was going to scare her. Once I changed my attitude from stressed to "Mom is in control and Mattie doesn't need to worry" Mattie became more confident.
Yep, both of mine physically resisted, Max would vomit and Jasper would pee. As soon as they saw the lead and keys come out at the same time they would head the other way. I would just follow, attach lead and "come on". When getting to the car I would have to pick them up and put them in. I just did it all smoothly without fuss. Then as suggested earlier, only put them in the car when there is a top payoff at the other end.

I tried all the coaxing in the world. Once I got on with just putting them in, things improved rapidly and Jasper who is still only 6 months old gets quite distressed when he doesn't get to go in the car. They both love it and can't get in quick enough.

I am all for positive and gentle methods but sometimes, just like with your children , you just have to take charge and say enough is enough.
Welkom!! What a beauty she is!!
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