Hi! new to the forum!
Hi! new to the forum (and forums in general!) so bear with me!

We have a 7 1/2 month old red and white border collie called Ruby who we got at 11 weeks.
She loves people and other dogs and just wants to be friends with everything and everyone (our cats and chickens included!) but not boisterous...
She's a sensitive little soul (like so many of them!) and looks for guidance in new environments- until she feels confident - then she's off!!! Frisbee_dog

All good! .......Our one (and only, so far! (minus the hoover Rolleyes !)) 'issue' is the car/van!!!!!!

? anxiety ? motion sickness ? fear of motion itself ? a mix up of all!

Initially excessively drooled on first journey in car and up to the age of 5 months - when this stopped ?? how or why?! - vomited maybe 3 or 4 times in the first month of having her but hasn't since.
She sits silent and appears shut down once in her bed and attempts to always rest her chin on something and on anything longer than around 45 minutes starts to yawn and "mouth slap".
She doesn't look at coat/shoes/lead/car keys with joy either!

So far have tried: treats, toys, sitting with her, other dogs in with her, feeding her meals in (not before travel obviously!), behaviour modification (no car for 2 weeks then a gradual build up with engine on/end of street, treats with lead and collar/ jacket and shoes etc etc). Adaptil, thunder jacket, rescue remedy, Cocculus, ginger biscuit, kong, varying positions, crate, (no crate!), 'through a dogs ear" music (which works great in the house!) and probably a few others that have escaped my memory!

I should add that all can go well if all the fun stuff is done each time (for a long time!!) and on the odd occasion she can jump in in less than a minute! But getting the lead on with a wagging tail, leaving the house and having a smooth transition from front door to car door and in and away on adventures is an experience we are still eagerly awaiting!!!

We have now got a behaviourist in who is devising a plan but before that we are trying to rule in/out for certain motion sickness and have Cerenia (anti nausea) for 2 days (although day 1 has proven not to show any definitive difference!).
Both the behaviourist and the vets we have seen feel it is an old wives tale that they grow out of it (adding to our depression!) although the fact she no longer has excessive drool is hope I am clinging on to!!!

Hoping to put feelers out there to pick up any hints/tips/ideas/experiences/(sympathy!) etc from those who understand and can relate to any of these issues??!!

Apologies for the very long rant (and if this is completely in a wrong thread!) Any advice and guidance appreciated!!!

Some days they just always seem 5 steps ahead of your 4!!
Hi and welcome! We need pictures! Big Grin

I'm definitely not qualified, but I do have a little fearful girl. She drools the "raindrop waterfall" drool (not the long streamy one that is associated with motion sickness). It's been almost a year now, and she is now seeming to alternate between wetting the window/door/seat and not. I make sure 2/3 trips are to something fun (dog park, McDonald's, beach, etc) so that the off chance trip to the vet or to the pet shop for a collar/harness fitting (so I don't have to return the darn thing 3 times like I have in the past) becomes a gamble. I don't know if this has attributed to our success or not.

I've learned to not care about the drooling, which has turned my focus off of her. That may have helped on it's own.

I don't know if any of this is relevant to your pup - but good luck!
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With any other breed I have owned I have not had this problem however both of my BC's went through this. Resistant to getting in the car, a little car sickness and Jasper would pee on the seat. It didn't last too long and I didn't go to a whole lot of effort either but instead just picked them up and put them in and just dealt with the possible pee or upchuck. I must say however that either only happened 3-4 times with each of them.

I think the key was a concentrated effort in always making sure the destination was something of high value, a trip to the river, to visit friends dogs or to get the Sunday paper where the shop owner always comes out and makes a fuss of them.

I believe it is fair to say that mine grew out of it. They both now love to go in the car, they are 18 & 6 months.
While I think the initial issues are genuine fear and motion sickness I think you can make too big a deal of it and inadvertently train this to be an emotional response. You have tried an awful lot of stuff so clearly this issue has had a lot of focus and perhaps anxiety attached to it. Your emotions, efforts and fuss can be misread by the pup causing them to feel there is something to be concerned about.
With your pup now being 7 months old this problem is of course more ingrained than it was for mine but I still think the same things might work.

For now, don't take pup on long car trips or trips that don't result in really high value things for pup at the other end. Even if it is daily walks start and finish them with a little trip in the car, just 100 metres is enough, then park and have an adventure. I think changing pups expectation and anticipation of a car trip will help. No fuss involved at all just very "matter of fact" about it.

These are just my thoughts and what I would consider, I am not a professional. What ever you decide to try, give it time, patience and remain completely unfussed by it all.
I think there is a lot in Embers words, "I've learned to not care about the drooling, which has turned my focus off of her. That may have helped on it's own"
This is Ruby

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Action-smiley-030 Welcome to ABC. Rudy is adorable.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Welcome! What a pretty puppy!

I had a Miniature Schnauzer many years ago that went through a phase where she was constantly carsick and she did grow out of it so hopefully Ruby will too.
Hi and welcome
I love Ruby's markings.
My May had travel sickness. I think she would worry and be anxious in the car because of her associate to not feeling good. However she did grow out of it.
HI and :wlcom: She's a pretty lady!
Hi and thanks for the replies!

Ember and Trifan what you have both said about focusing too much is very true!!

"Your emotions, efforts and fuss can be misread by the pup causing them to feel there is something to be concerned about."

Even though we have tried to make it all super positive and associated with wonderful treats and toys etc - we probably have at times caused the reverse in her. ...

We have had: "the car = something yummy i'll get in" followed the next time by "that same something yummy = the car so I'm not even going to eat it!" situation . (there is a fancy name for it!)

Our thought process was going down the route of she needs to want to get in herself and worried that just putting her in would make things worse/lose trust etc. Sometimes she cowers, pulls away on lead, tail between legs, turns her head and stares into space when we go near it!

For those whose pups were actually physically sick/drooled/urinated (Tasha and Mattys Mom and Quirky dog) did they also resist getting in?

Glad to hear they grew out of it or are improving - it's awful to see them unwell/fearful.

Ruby actually no longer drools or vomits in the car and does just sit there - I guess we are "assuming" she hates every second and probably overthinking because she has such anxiety and refusal over going near it and getting in.

As for car journeys ( apart from initially collecting her ) there have been no negative experiences with them - always walks, puppy class, family visits, pet shop or vets (she likes the vets -strange girl!). Anything else we leave her at home so as to not add to her bad perception!

Even though she likes all the destinations certainly the "gamble" thing Ember talked about is a good point - If something has more times good than bad then they will gamble on it being good. I think getting in and not going anywhere more times than she goes somewhere is our plan of action.

And certainly what you have all said about being matter of fact and changing perceptions (probably more ours!) has struck a cord.
Sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees in these situations!!

Every pup has their "thing' i guess - and it could always be worse!!
Hi and welcome! Ruby is such a cutie!!
Gotta love 'em.

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