car fear/motion sickness
For people looking out the side window with everything whizzing by can be pretty bad, but looking out the front window to the horizon is good. Most motion sickness is related to the inner ear knowing you are in motion but the rest of the body sensations not agreeing, so wind blowing on the face should be the first thing you try. Get a battery powered fan and try it. The next thing to try is ginger or peppermint for nausea.

The only time I hear people(who know anything) say a dog should not be allowed to look out the window is when they are reactive to things outside the car or when you are talking about head hanging out the window
Gotta love 'em.
Josie has done a number of 3 to 4hr trips with us to visit family and she's such a brave little soul because We know long trips aren't her favourite. She shuts right down but (touch wood) has managed to cope pretty well so far. She chooses not to look out the window but keeps her face resting in the path of the aircon aimed into the back seat (between the two front seats). I'd never connecyed why the aircon helps until reading this thread so thank you guys! She's also travelled much better since we're securing her to one of the car seat belts with a specific dog harness clip that connects to her regular harness.
Josie on the back car seat mid-road trip

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Very nice! I need to get one of those car clips.

Ember cannot STAND anything blowing on her. It literally sends her into a frenzy trying to get away from the air. Unless it's a window open, but then after 45 mph she wants none of that either LOL! Most of my road trips to Charleston (2 hours) are spent ignoring her completely or I'd lose my mind trying to keep her comfortable.

Turns out that's the best strategy. I don't think she drooled once on the way to Charleston last week.

Definitely need a way to secure her tho. Small car means no crate space.
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I use something similar to this.

If you have to stop fast it doesn't pull on their neck. Gives them room to lay down and that is even adjustable. The harness can stay on the dog and leash added with one click. They work great for us.  

There are many different brands and colors to choose from.

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