My Sister's New Dog
*Update below.*

My sister just adopted this cute pup from a German Shepherd rescue. He was listed as a white GSD mix.

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I think he is so cute!

He is a year old and weighs 50 lbs./23 kg. She says when he barks that he sounds a lot like Mattie (rescue, so I can't be positive she is all BC) and he loves to herd their pet pig.

Anyone want to guess what he is? Not that it matters but it is always fun to guess and it might give my sister help with training.
He's a handsome fellow! Not good at guessing but the face shape and ears look a little husky to me. Also the look he's giving in both pics.
He is absolutely adorable! I'd snatch him up too! So pretty!

I was just about to say Husky as well. Was my first thought as I flicked through first, then I read GSD. I don't know - I see Husky lol.

In relation to herding (if it is part Husky) - I witnessed Kairo trying to control movement at the dog park today. I actually had to leash her as the more excited she got the more it looked like she was actually herding. I've not even see Ember be so blatant about it. It looked like Kairo was trying to pin these three dogs plus Ember in a "open" circle (meaning she was circling them incessantly in a tight circle and directing anybody who started to move away back into the circle. The "herdies" didn't seem to notice at all as they were all playing their own game so I watched to see what would happen.

It only took a few seconds to become a "growly" venture and it went from "herding" to "full body shoving" to one very sharp snap towards a dog in rapid succession. I immediately leashed her and walked her around in a large circle until she calmed down, and she never reached that point again.

So now that I've derailed this completely... can huskies herd? 0.o
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I can definitely see white shepherd in the mix. They are a little different in the face to many other GSD's As for the other half it could be anything but wouldn't discount a BC type mix. I don't really see husky but can understand how the eyeliner might influence that idea. He is a beautiful dog whatever he is.
His head shape & ears is very similar to Bronwen's (who's full BC) so maybe there's some BC in the mix too. Whatever is in there he's very handsome!

[Image: 32730046561_728d8e24bb_z.jpg] (excuse the mess but I just got her to sit in a similar position to the top pic for comparison)
He is the spitting image of my friend's "pure bred" white GSD. Same size too.
Gotta love 'em.
Update!  I got to meet the dog and secretly wished my sister and her family didn't like him so much.  I would have loved to take him home.



I haven't been around many Huskys but he liked to 'talk' the way I have seen Huskys in videos.  He is under two years old and I don't think his coat has completely come in.  Most of his coat is a bit course but he has a 'Mohawk' down his back where the fur is really course and wavy.  He loved chasing my collies and when he was a bit rude and corrected by one of my girls he learned right away and changed his play style.  My sister told me that sometimes they have dogs over that love to body slam and wrestle and he loves that. 

He is super skinny, the full body photo makes him look bigger then he is.  He is a fence climber.  He also loves to snuggle and was a lap dog with my daughter for an entire movie.  My sister has pet goats and a pet pig and she said he is way too aggressive with them.  He isn't allowed to interact with the pig and goats since my sister is afraid he will hurt them.
Oh my gosh he is absolutely precious! How adorable! I'd be wanting to take him home too LOL
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He is so sweet and cute! My sister hit the jackpot with this pup. Mattie loves him and that is a big deal because Mattie doesn't get along with many dogs.

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