Help! TOTW bison/ TOTW Salmon or raw?
Hey everyone!

So, I've been doing some reading and everyone recommeds switching to raw food, but I have some questions and I hope you guys can give me a hand!

My BC is 4 months. He was very skinny and his coat was dry, I started him on TOTW bison and he gained weight, his coat is beautiful. I feed him 3 times/day and he eats A LOT. The only thing is that he is having kind of loose stooles. But he is on his first month of TOTW so I guess this is fairly normal? He has a very sensitive stomach. Besides this, I am pretty happy with the results. He is a little gassy too, have you guys tried TOTW salmon? I've heard that this is better for sensitive dogs.

Anyway, I was thinking of switching to raw food. The thing is that it freaks me out a little bit, firstly because if I don't do it properly, he could end up having an unbalanced diet. What do you give your dogs? What would you recommend for a puppy with a sensitive stomach? Some people say you shouldn't feed bones because they can be harmful...Also, how do you deal with the cooking? Because, I don't know if I have the time to do it. Where do you keep the food? Do you need a lot of space to store it? Is there a huge difference in terms of money spent/month? How much food do I have to give him? Right now he is around 24lb.

I was also thinking of not switching and instead just do one meal/day raw or throw in some raw weekly.

Damn this is overwhelming, so many options!! Big-tears

Anyway, thanks! BaconDance
Take a look at this link. I think it will answer many of your questions.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

It is overwhelming, especially because we want to do our best.
You need to feed what works best for your dog and for you.
I found with raw a good contact is a life saver. I was feeding raw 100% but now about 40%, I feed dehydrated about 50% and cook 10%.
The reason I reduced the raw is.
Inconvenience of defrosting
I do travel so I needed my dog to be able to eat food that would easily "travel"
I like to feed my dog variety
Lastly and oddly my dog put weight on. I know this is unusual. I cut him back to just under 2% of his weight.
However I did not go back to kibble
Quirkydog,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=193168#post193168 Wrote:I was feeding raw 100% but now about 40%, I feed dehydrated about 50% and cook 10%.

Hi! What kind/brand of dehydrated are you giving him? Sounds like a good option!

There is a dog trainer who told me he feeds his dogs always the same thing: cooked rice, raw meat (chicken/beef...), cooked carrots and chard. But this doesn't sound that balanced to me. But I have no idea so maybe I'm wrong. I've seen his dogs and they have gorgeous hair, and are very strong. They are used for rescue.

Thank You! Smile
There is a FB group called THE RAW FEEDING COMMUNITY. It is a great place to start, they have extensive files to research and there is always someone available to check in with if in doubt about something.
Dehydrated is a bit pricey
I have always rotated my dog food
So I feed
Honest Kitchen, NRG, only natural Raw, Smack and Grandma Lucy's when I can get it. I also have Honest Kitchen pre mix, which I use when I cook in the slow cooker. My dog is NOT spoilt, lol
I have always been interested in raw but afraid to try it.

My collies have always been on TOTW Bison. They both thrive on it and are very healthy. My German Shepherd was on TOTW Bison but he had allergy issues so I switched to the Salmon and he did wonderful on it. He also had a very sensitive stomach and I never had any issues with the salmon.

My cats get TOTW too and are both very healthy.
My 3 month old border collie is on TOTW salmon (albeit the puppy formula) and she's doing wonderful, I did order her the bison puppy formula because she's nearly done with this bag just to give it a try.
[Image: 0VHbm6.png]
I feed half raw and half kibble because I travel a lot and my family members are squeamish and won't feed raw. I feed a different kibble every bag and different raw every meal. Getting the meat to bone ratio right is the most important aspect of raw feeding. After that, it's feeding variety so you give your dog lots of different vitamins and minerals in their food. I have one dog with severe food hypersensitivity issues, so he is much more limited on what he can eat. For the commercial part of his diet, I am currently feeding him the last of a bag of Acana Singles Pork and Butternut Squash from Canada. The new stuff from Kentucky has an ingredient he can't have. He can also eat a couple flavors of Grandma Lucy's Macanna and one The Honest Kitchen premix.

The easiest way to start feeding raw is to start adding a little bit to their diet as you study up or feed a commercially prepared raw food. It does take a bit of freezer space. I have 2 big freezers in the garage, as well as the regular one in the house. Feeding raw doesn't take that much space, but I have a small farm and we raise our own beef, lamb, and goat. I usually buy 50 lbs at a time of the meats I don't raise, and I give the dogs all the cuts I don't like to cook for the humans of the ones we do raise. I feed about 15% bone and 85% meat, except the days I feed boneless and use a premix. My 45# dogs need about 1# of raw meat and bones if they are only eating raw.
Gotta love 'em.

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