to neuter or not to neuter
That happens here too
Same in Australia GM. While it is not the ideal I can understand why rescues have this policy as they are dealing with the aftermath of those who can't be bothered to do it and also don't pay due care to ensuring their intact dogs don't randomly reproduce. Although there is a huge movement of people who are "into" their dogs and try to do the best in all area's, I think there are just as many with a poor attitude to canines in general.
I only have to look around my own neighbours to see this poor attitude and lack of understanding for the bigger picture.

Neighbour one. "yeah we'll get him desexed one day but I have a few mates who want him over their bitches. A Staffy that was to be put over whatever.
Neighbour two. Has backyard bred every female she has had purely for quick cash. Poodles and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Neighbour three A new foxy pup. "Yeah, I'd like him to get "one off" before I desex him" WHY !!!!!!!

I think rescues are overwhelmed physically and financially. They need to find young pups homes but do not have the resources to follow up at a later date to check if animals have been desexed and perhaps with the bigger picture in mind must choose the lesser of two evils and do paediatric neuter/spay rather than euthanise.
Yep, unfortunately, for rescues I agree. They can't really know if someone will turn out to be super responsible or totally irresponsible. And I appreciated how much it mattered to Gideon's breeder than none of the dogs that came from her were ever bred irresponsibly. Sometimes we just have to make judgements on what is the lesser of 2 evils.
Gotta love 'em.
This is true GM, I totally get why rescue organizations do this.
Breeders. I think if I was a breeder of poodles I would be very concerned my dog would be used for money making poodle mixes.
My friend who breeds Aussies, Was horrified when a local pup was fixed at 12weeks, ( actually the same vet that pressured Draco's previous owner.). She asked the owners why they hadn't spoke to her before doing this, they told her how persuasive the vet was. She now has a contract saying that cannot be fixed before a year.

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