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Thank you for explaining. I took a Fenzi class last fall but wasn't able to get much out of it (my fault, busy with a trip out of state and family visiting). I'll look into taking something next session. I find Mattie so difficult to teach. Part of the problem is her fear but I also think she didn't get much interaction for her first nine months so she doesn't seem to understand what I am asking of her.
GM - She really really has. I love it. And Youtube has become my personal video diary (though I need to go back and re-download everything for safe keeping!). I have full plans to sit every day with these videos - every time I hit youtube, I end up on my own channel LOL!

Trifan - you are very sweet for saying so. Thank you. It is one of those things (as I was telling QD the other day) - as much as I love this community and it's people and have 0 plans to leave it any time soon, one of the hardest things is coming on here and seeing all the "normal" dogs. But like QD says, what BCs are normal, anyway? Tongue. I have been labeled as "obsessed" with Ember's development. Maybe in a slightly unhealthy way even. I do have to say that this is the hardest I have ever worked for a relationship in my entire life. There were a few different months over the past year and change that I was fully ready to give her up to someone who could do better, who knew what they were doing and what she needed. For the first time, I actually feel like that person (at least, in a very small way). It has been an amazing journal and one that I won't forget - nor do I hope to have to take again LOL!

There are things I don't think we will ever be able to do - but there are things that I didn't think she could do that she is now doing as of this month. So who knows where the next year will land us? I'm excited to find out Big Grin

TMM - Ember's #1 problem is pressure. As I've learned how I'm creating it, and able to relieve it, we are slowly unwrapping her from the tight wound up thing she is. I don't know if that helps you out any in what to look for. We are slowly teaching her what real interaction looks like, and this week she gets to practice choosing it. That is the big thing for my girl - I can't "ask" her to do anything. Not right now anyway. Even with this class we are in, I've been deliberately waiting until she is spunky or staring me down with her head on my knee. Only last week I started trying to start it myself - and she is slowly understanding it's the same thing. It's very very slow though.

Just remember, it took me 6 months to teach Ember how to Spin LOL! Wink
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Well, it took me a year to teach Mattie "Down". Considering she spent most of her time hiding from something she found scary or leaving a puddle on the floor from fright "Down" wasn't so important.

So here I am with Tasha who is confident, sassy, and (dare I say) bratty. If Tasha is unhappy she will let you know. She will bark as if to say, "Excuse Me!! My ball is under the sofa, get it now!.....The cat is on the table and he isn't allowed! Get him off now!" And Tasha learns everything so easily, in fact, sometimes it is difficult to teach her because she thinks she has everything figured out.

And then there is Mattie. I got chastised from Tasha's puppy agility trainer for not working with Mattie on barrels (in practice we use pop-up laundry hampers). Mattie was terrified of the "barrels", what was I supposed to do? And as far as "obsession" with development. I was talking to a student in Tasha's agility class. She has a very difficult rescue dog and we were commiserating on how everything with a fearful dog is a project. Neither of us can take a walk without being on the lookout for a potential problem. We both have to be constantly aware of anything that could cause fear in our dogs.

I love watching your videos with Ember and seeing her progress. If you want to start a "not a normal Border Collie" club I will be happy to join. Big Grin
Fantastic results ! You both have achieved so much, hard work, consistency and perseverance- with an awful lot of love do pay off

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