My 9 year old Sly and I are new
Hi and welcome

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Okay I'm going to try to add a picture of Sly. Wish me luck Smile

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Hi and welcome! He is a handsome boy!
Gotta love 'em.
He's absolutely gorgeous! Glad he's in a good home. Snoopy
Sly is quite handsome! My rescue, Mattie is almost three but her first nine months is unknown and from 9-18 months was in a wonderful foster home and I adopted her at 18 months. Mattie has a difficult time with the crate. Her foster mom thinks she was kenneled most of the time and I have really worked to get her to accept being crated. Mattie has separation anxiety and she can tend to be a bit pushy with my two cats so I like her crated when I am away from home. My other dog, Tasha, competes in agility trials and Mattie has to be crated at trials. The crates are always available and I leave the door open when I am home and Mattie is slowly getting a better attitude about the crate.

With his accidents in the house, that could be stress. Mattie had quite a few accidents the first couple of months I had her and then she seemed completely house-trained. After months of having no accidents Mattie had two accidents in the house in a week. I didn't get after her but I was so confused as to why we were having issues again. I realized that both times the accident came right after I came home from being gone all day and were related to the stress of me being gone (she has bonded to me and is my dog). After that I made sure to always take her outside the minute I got home and after that we didn't have a problem.

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