My 9 year old Sly and I are new
Hi All

We adopted an 8 year old BC 1 1/2 years ago. He's now 9 yr. This is our first adventure with a BC. Love him beyond belief and he constantly puts a smile on our face. He's well trained, except for on a leash, which is strange. His former owners kept him crated the majority of the time and now that he has free range, he is all puppy.

Any advice is really appreciated. He lives with 4 cats, which he ignores, has a big house, a back yard and a park right behind us, so we go there frequently. We were shocked he was crated all the time, so we did not take the crate with us when we got him, but now are considering it for when we are not home as he has separation anxiety big time and urinates in the house when we are not home.

Looking forward to picking up some hints.
Like anything, crates can abused but that doesn't mean they are bad. I would support your decision on getting a crate just to use when you go out.

Any pics you can share? Blush
Hi and welcome Action-smiley-030 So sad that your boy spent so much of his life in a crate, as has been said, they really can be abused. Having said that, crating may have become his normal and how he feels safe when home alone, perhaps it will take a while for him to learn to enjoy and feel secure with greater freedom, if at all. I also support using a crate in the circumstances you describe. Apart from when sleeping at night mine are only crated for up to 3 hours maximum when need be.
We are thinking of providing him the crate at night too but leave the door open. Is that a good idea? He sleeps on a bed by our bed and I would put his crate right in the bedroom near us. Also, I thought this was really strange that he was peeing on his bed that was in the living room. I had to throw it away it was so nasty, even after laundering. He seems a little down, I suspect he wants his bed back. I'm a little concerned he will start urinating on a new one but then again, when we start crating him when he is alone, perhaps that will take care of the problem. I have never seen him urinate in the house when we are home and we are home most of the time (retired). So I'm quite sure it's when we leave him for a couple of hours. Poor guy
Great to hear about your new buddy, and that he can start a new loving, and free live!
As I know from a few friends who give a dog a second home, that the experience is that it takes atleast 12 to 13 weeks that a dog settles down on his new living situation.
They have to get used to everything that is new, like home, people, habbits etc.
I reconise a little of his behavior in the replaced border x kelpie my mother have now...
She also spend a lot of time in a crate, and was not used to run free. They even used a halty around her nose because she was out of control (they thought).
In the beginning she also peed everywhere in the house, was not listening at all, and not coming the first times after they let her run free. It seems really hopeless in the eyes of my mother.
But now, after a month, she is already changing. She pees outside now, and when she runs free, she comes when they wistles.
There is already a great improvement. She is not there yet, like i told, it takes time to settle.
My mother took her also to her bedroom in the night, instead of the crate. It took a few nights that it went well, but now she is on her own blanked near her bed, very happy, and very satisfied.
All dogs are different, react different, and also have a different past, but I think he will do very fine when he is totally settled in your (and his now Wink ) life....looking forward to hear more about him
(excuse me by the way for my grammar, I'm not that good as a dutch Big Grin )
Welcome-group Thank you for taking in an older guy. You have given him the chance to live the rest of his life happy. 5170

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Thank you for answering me. I appreciate it. I am so happy to see people from all over the world on here. I was in the Netherlands a few years back, it! You live in a beautiful country
hahahahaha...same happyness to me Connie! I like america much more Smile
I really like the people on this forum, and the way they share.
I was on a dutch forum, but I did not like it as much as here....the only thing what i regret is that I can not meet with the active walks
I would love to see a picture of Sly Blush
Connie48,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=193202#post193202 Wrote:We are thinking of providing him the crate at night too but leave the door open. Is that a good idea?

I like my dogs sleeping in crates at night and I firmly believe they are very attached to them as well. Crates create a den for your dog in which they feel safe and secure from every direction and can really settle. You can also add a cover. Sure, many dogs settle without crates but once they are accustomed to crates many dogs prefer them even when given other options. I think a crate with the door open offers a dog the best choices. Mine love to sleep in crates and will put themselves to bed in the evening. Max can have the door open as he is more mature and not a danger to himself. Jasper still needs the door closed as he could get into trouble through the night.

I think offering your dog a crate for night time is a really good idea and as you suggested, just leave the door open. As I suggested earlier, sometimes even that which was not ideal still becomes part of the comfort zone. His previous excessive crating was not good but taking it away altogether could leave him feeling a little insecure and overwhelmed.

You adopted dog is very lucky to have found a new family that cares so much about his wellbeing. Good on you !!!!
Hi and welcome! I can't help with added information - you have some good ideas here. Just wanted to say hi!
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