The Education of Will
I think the choice of words here is appropriate, honestly. Looking at the book cover, I would not have guessed and would have been blind sighted. Yes, that may be judging a book by its cover (not saying the book is good or bad, but rather judging as to what the contents "should" be), but it is misleading at best (again not in a bad way, just 0 indicator as to the contents of the book).
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KBB, I really don't see how warning people that a few things in a book might be traumatizing or upsetting would cause someone to hide and not get treatment.  I said in one of my posts that I consider it a good book and I still have a very positive opinion of Patricia McConnell.  I admire her and think better of her after reading 'The Education of Will'.  And, believe it or not, I understood why she chose to bury those painful experiences.  I won't elaborate because this is a forum for Border Collies.  

My giving a warning wasn't to tell people not to read it.  Just to let people know that they might find some of the passages difficult to handle.  If you want to read it I will send my book to you, just PM me with an address.

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