You know you found the right treat when....
When I was a child my mother cooked all of these things as meals for us. Steak and kidney pie, Lambs liver and bacon in gravy and tripe and onions in white sauce although the tripe was cleaned and bleached white, no taste just a disgusting chewy texture, my father loved it. A few months back when I was cutting liver for the dogs my partner questioned what it might taste like so I offered to cook him Lambs liver and bacon. He loved it although commented it was very rich, hmm he hasn't asked for it again.
LOL~ My mother and I just had this conversation as well. HER mother could make Mom's mouth water cooking liver and onions - Mom never could understand how something that smelled so delicious could taste so awful. She would taste it every time thinking she HAD to be wrong - and every time it made her gag. But every time her mouth would water.

She never made it for us, so I don't even know what it tastes like - but knowing me, I don't think I'm missing much!

I've never heard of tripe before learning to cook for Ember.
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Vital Essentials has freeze dried tripe nibblets. They are great treats, and they don't stink like regular green tripe.
Gotta love 'em.

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