Read any good dogs books lately?
I love a good dog book. I have a collection of dog books just waiting for me to have the time to read them. Right now I have two on my nightstand.

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My second time reading this one. Every chapter is a different adventure from the life of an animal control officer. I love her stories but I have to admit some make me cry.

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I just started this one and am only about 1/3 of the way through. It has made me think about refocusing my training so my dogs will respond to my commands anytime and anywhere. I love taking Tasha and Mattie to the park but if I don't put the leash on them as soon as we are finished playing they wander away and will not listen. I know this is all about context and I need to work on getting them to listen to me.
Yes I've got beyond the back yard. It is good, and I'm having a look to see where I can use it. Dilwyn is getting better with focus out and , about. I may also h ave a look at the Fenzi online courses .
Look up Jack London he wrote a couple very good dog books that take place in the Alaskan god rush days
I got busy but I was reading a book on sheepdog trainers and also some comic books. Obviously the comics aren't anything educational but they are hilarious.
The Philosopher and the Wolf is a true story about a philosophy lecturer and his life with a wolf that he buys as a puppy while living in Canada. He doesn't quite realise what he has bought until he gets Brennan home, they end up living in France and different places in America and have this amazing life together. I especially love the part where he talks about trying to tire Brennan out each day, no matter how far, how long, how fast they go, the wolf was born to run and only gets fitter and fitter.
Cappy, I have never read anything by Jack London but I should so I just put "White Fang" and "The Call of the Wild" on hold at my library.

Loyal Border, what are the books you are reading? I love anything dog, doesn't have to be non-fiction.

phoebeandjosie, I put "The Philosopher and the Wolf" on hold with my library. Thank you for the recommendation.
The one on sheepdog trainers is called 'Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog' Each chapter is an interview with a different handler and their methods on starting a sheepdog. I find it very interesting how they start and treat their pups as well as stock. The comics are called 'Footrot Flats' I came across it a little over a year ago when researching BCs (before I got Kep) when looking at older posts here. Being rather curious I looked it up and I must say, those comics are hilarious and addicting. From a New Zealand cartoonist, it's about all the antics of farm life seen through the eyes of a BC.
This is since adopting Ember:

ETA: Yea, Obsession. Very very good word for it Tongue

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I love Dave Ramsey!!!

If you want some really good classic animal stories, the James Harriot stories are great. If you want BC stories, look for books by Donald McCaig.
Gotta love 'em.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I think I need to start a notebook with all the books I want to read. Big Grin

I have the first two "Dog Sports Skills" books, I just need to get the time to read them and I got Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" from the library but didn't get the chance to read it before it needed to be returned. I guess I need to put it on hold again.

I read "Chaser" while waiting to bring Tasha home, I should read it again now that I have had collies for a few years.

I have read Donald McCaig's "The Dog Wars" and found it to be very thought provoking, I need to get a few of his other books.

Most of the books on my shelf of dog books.

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I have read not so great reviews of a couple of the book I have on the shelf and I plan to read them to understand why they are not recommended. "The dog Whisperer" is by Paul Owens and not that guy on TV. I read a review that said it was really good so when I found it at a library sale for $.50 I decided to get it.

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