Bath time
Somebody decided to roll in a pile of poop today at the local park on an off leash run thru the woods !!!

First time she has done this, I hope it's the last but I doubt it !

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"A tired border collie, is a good border collie"
Oh dear. At least it looks like she didn't hate the bath. Tongue
Josie has a talent for hunting out anything stinky and rolling in it. She trots back to us so proud of her new reek.
Unfortunately, I don't think she will learn her lesson. Not really what you had planned for today, is it? I have never had a dog that liked to roll in stinky stuff but I think if given the opportunity Tasha would.
Ember is a very selective "roller" but when she does... phew! She can reek. And yes, they are VERY proud of it - it's puppy perfume!
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Gideon is now 6 and hadn't done that in a couple years, but that didn't stop him from doing it a few days ago.
Gotta love 'em.

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