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The red bean bag Kep's on used to be where I was (viewer's point) but he didn't want to lie down next to me; he wanted to lie down next to the couch. But he also wanted to be on the bean bag (both him and the husky like to lay on it) so what did he do? He knows he's not supposed to bite it (yeah, he wanted to chew it up once Tongue) so dragging it with his mouth wouldn't work. What he did was stand on top of it and push it behind him (looked like he was digging into it) and he did that ten or so times from where I was all the way over to the couch.

What I find funny is he HAD to have it in that exact position because he wanted to lay there but also on top of the bean bag.

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Dogs are funny. I would love to know what is going on in their heads.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Oh my goodness that's hilarious! Kep gets what Keps wants - in all the right ways!
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He certainly does! Giggle I would like to know what's going on in their heads too but maybe at the moment it's best we don't. :raspberry:
Too funny.
The BCs brain does not stop
May many years ago liked to sit not only on the couch but have her butt on a cushion. She did start taking cushions from the couch and placing them on a spot on the floor then reverse into it so she could put her butt on it then lay down.
Silly girl! They do the strangest things at times, don't they?
What a great little problem solver he is, that is so very clever finding an alternative to using his mouth. He sue knows what he wants.
He sure does! Giggle
You are right Trifan I like thinking dogs
Good on Yahoo Kep keep your owner on his toes!! Big Grin

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