Hi! Meet Kona!
Hi everyone!

My name is Colette and I have a 18 week old border collie / aussie mix named Kona. I got him at 7 weeks from a dairy farm in central California, where he had seven siblings. Kona loves absolutely everyone and everything, and is extremely sweet and affectionate. He's also very smart and already knows around 50 commands. When he's older he will (hopefully) compete in agility, flyball, and disc dog competitions!

Kona at 8 weeks:

Kona Now:


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Hi and welcome

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Hi and welkom!!
What a beauty he is!
Smart little boy Smile
Welcome-group I can only see your profile pic... He looks like a sweetie!
Broken links, but sweet profile! Hi and welcome Smile

EDIT: Oh there they are! Beautiful!
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Sorry about not being able to see the photos.. I think I fixed it! Smile
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Hi and Welcome Action-smiley-030 He's lovely !
Hi and welcome! I love Kona's look!
Gotta love 'em.
Hey! I see it now! Great job fixing it. Wtg He is such a cutie! Heart
Welcome! Kona is so cute!

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