Hi everyone, I am new here. I have a Red border collie and his name is Dozer. He is 11 weeks old and is doing great, besides biting everything. Me and my husband have been teaching him all sorts of new tricks. I grew up with Border Collies on a farm but we have our dog in the city, well as city as you can get in Idaho. We take him out to run around and he plays fetch already. It always amazes me how smart they are. Here is a picture of him, which was taken at 8 weeks. I look forward to getting to know people on here and seeing everyones cute dogs.

- Rachel

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Aww such spunk! So cute Smile. Hi and welcome!
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Aww he's so adorable! Welcome!
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Both Dozer and Kona are ridiculously cute!!!
Hi and welcome! Dozer is very cute.
Gotta love 'em.
:wlcom: He's so adorable!
Hello and Welcome Action-smiley-030 He's a gorgeous boy !
Welcome! Goodness, he is cute.
Hi and welcome

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Hi Rachel and Dozer! Welkom!
What a courteous little man he is!
We live in the city as well. Not very easy with a BC, but indeed if you infest in enough different workouts and mental games, they do fine.
Nice that we have the chance to see him grow up, as well as Kona

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