Mattie's Private Agility Lesson
Mattie had her first private agility lesson. Last summer I tried to take a beginner agility class with her but it was a full class with lots of strange dogs and in the other part of the building there was an obedience class going on that had five reactive dogs (so lots of growling and barking). We only made it to the first four of the six classes (I was sick one week and the next week my car battery died) but I don't think we missed much since Mattie became more stressed with every class.

Our instructor is also my daughter's and Tasha's instructor and she has known Mattie since the day I got her and knows all the challenges I have had. I told her my only goal was to build Mattie's confidence. Mattie is so proud of herself when she accomplishes something new and I want her to feel that way more often.

Our class went better then expected. Mattie will do jumps and tunnels but that is it. Both the a-frame and the dog walk were set at beginner height and that is what we focused on. By the end of class we had Mattie happily running over the a-frame with me running beside her on a loose leash and she ran over the dog walk with the instructor on one side and me on the other.

I didn't know it would go so well or I would have brought along someone to take a video. I'm just so happy that Mattie enjoyed her class.
Way to go Mattie! Yahoo That must make you feel proud. Glad you had a good time.
Definitely want a video of that! How cool and what a great opportunity! Good girl Mattie!
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I have to admit I'm proud of Mattie for catching on to the equipment so quickly but the best thing was having her happy and excited to learn something new.
Wow! So nice to do that together!
I'm looking forward to the video, and the progression. I am going to follow this, I hope to start with Body in the end of March or April, also as beginners.

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Way to go Mattie !! I would like to see the video aswell Bouncing
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