Help for Tender Paws and Dog Boots
Every once in a while Tasha will injure her paw pads. Basically rips the top layer off. You can see the missing skin on the bottom pad.

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She always does this during agility. I would like to help make her pads a bit tougher to avoid getting injured and also get her some boots so when she does injure her paws I can protect them while they heal (and also for hikes on rough rocks).

I have Mushers Secret and Tuf-Foot but haven't tried them yet. Anyone use these?

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I am also thinking of getting Tasha some RuffWear Grip Trex boots. Anyone have experience with these or any other boots?
I have used Musher's Secret and another brand I can't remember the name. I prefer the boots to the wax. The wax does wear off and the boots are on to stay. Wearing the boots when hiking on rocks or walking on salty roads in the winter helps a lot. The boots also keep my dogs feet free from cuts from the icy snow and sharp pine needles in the woods.

Paw cuts or burns can be so painful.

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