Hi everyone!
I am Kaat and im a proud owner of a very cute border collie named Okiye (my english isnt that great) but hey i am here to learn more about
my new dog (because i never had this breed) and learn more english LOL
Okiye is 4 months old but he is scared of everything he lived at a farm and hasnt seen much
he is with us now for 3 days , he couldnt walk (didnt learn) but today he is walking Smile Smile Smile
i hope this is going to pas being scared of everything
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Hi and welcome

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Welcome-group He's adorable! And your English isn't that bad. Big Grin
He has a beautiful face. Yes this is a sensitive breed. My May came from a farm where she had little exposure. He takes time. Don't overwhelm him and keep calm this will help him. I had another dog which gave her confidence. Do you have a friend with a calm dog that you could arrange walks together?
Hello and Welcome Action-smiley-030 He is a lovely boy.
Hi Kaat, Okiye is beautyful!
4 months is pretty young, and 3 day's is pretty short.
He needs time to settle, so do you with him Smile
And english, I'm learning here asswel
Very sweet face! Hi and welcome! Take it slow and steady with him - he needs time to get to know you!
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Action-smiley-030 Welcome to ABC.

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Hi and welcome! Anyone from the US will be able to tell you that your English is better than a great deal of native speakers.
Gotta love 'em.
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Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.

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