Collie pics required
ADMIN please delete if not allowed.

Im after lots of border collie pics to use on my new facebook group. It is for border collie / collie x owners in the north west of the U.K to meet up for play dates. Currently I'm after a nice pic of a few collies running together.

All pics welcome but please be aware these will be posted on social media so only upload if you are happy with that.

Thank you!!

I only have one BC so I can't give you a pic with more than one. But I do have a pic of mine doing a sit pretty/beg if you would like that. I don't mind sharing.

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Thank you, so cute xx
What a nice initiative! Thumbsup

I have of 3 different colors, but not running....and also not that good quality (iphone).. if you want you may share them Wink

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