what kind of food do you give to your BC ?
I totally agree GM
All formulas within a brand use the exact same vitamin/mineral premix. If the other ingredients are naturally high in certain vitamins or minerals that formula will be high in those things, same if they are low. The premix may be high or low in somethings all on its own, too. For this reason, I highly recommend switching both brands and varieties. I feed pork in one brand, beef in another, bison in another, venison in another, rabbit in another, chicken in another, and fish in another, and so on. I also try to make sure I'm using foods that have different starches, potato, sweet potato, beans, tapioca, millet, etc.
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Right now I'm feeding TOTW High Prairie Bison and Venison. What other brands would you recommend for rotating?

I was at a pet store this weekend and was given samples of Primal freeze-dried (they also had frozen), Honest Kitchen dehydrated, and Sojos. Any thoughts on those?
I haven't used Primal because it is not here. Honest Kitchen I use. Sojo I use but I can only get it when in the bigger cities, so I usually pick up some for a change. If you like TOTW I think you might like Nutrience if you can get it
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Thank you for the suggestions. Before I had Mattie and Tasha I never thought of rotating a dog's food. I have had two dogs with very sensitive stomachs so finding something they could tolerate was a major battle and once I found the right food I felt like I didn't dare give them anything else.
My JRT had a very sensitive stomach and changing foods with her used to require a whole month. Now, I just switch her food cold turkey. I really believe the practice of feeding the same food long term is what causes the sensitive stomach in the first place.
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How do you recommend I start? Portion of new/old food and how long to transition to the different food. And how long do you feed one brand of food before switching?
On first switch, slower is better. 75% old, 25% new for a day or two, then shift to 50-50, then 25-75, and then 100% new.

Next switch, you can lengthen that a little, maybe more like 60-40, 50-50, 40-60, and done (someone would probably have a better ratio to try - I just eyeball it).

Next switch, you can shift it even more - either same ratios over a quicker time OR higher ratios right off.

When you notice that each stage has 0 side effects, you can eventually get to a hard switch. It took Ember 3 rotations. Now I can throw in really bazar food and try new brands/flavors without any transition.
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Initially I would phase the new food in. Each time have a shorter period of time phasing in. Eventually you will be able to just change cold turkey. In reality we don't phase our food in. As GM has said we should not be feeding the same food continuously.
It is easier than you think. You can get some great bargains when you rotate food

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