what kind of food do you give to your BC ?
Thank you for the help. I am fortunate that Tasha and Mattie don't have sensitive stomachs.
Hi I feed my BC Skinners Dry food. She also loves to eat chicken, Fish and the crust of my sons left over toast. She is 4 months old and looksto be coping with it all ok.
I'm enjoying reading the advice. Its always helpful.
For Angel, she was about 9 years old when I learned about feeding a rotational diet. It took her a month to get used to the new diet, but each time I switched her, it went faster than the last. She is 15 now and switches cold turkey with no issues. My BCs started switching as puppies, so never had issues with switching.

To start, I add 1/4 new food to 3/4 old food and I feed that until I am observing normal stools, however long it takes. Then I go to 1/2 and 1/2, again watching for normal stools before going on. Then 3/4 new and 1/4 old. And finally 100% new. I have known some dogs that had to literally be switched a few pieces at a time because they got diarrhea so bad.
Gotta love 'em.
Jollie gets Diamond puppy chow we get it from tractor supply and that makes up aprox. 70% or so of her diet the rest is a mix of people food( she ahd the rest of my oatmeal this morning) WE also have nun better puppy treats they are cheap come in a big bag and the dogs both love em. For chewies we ahve a variety of pork chomps which are poseed to be more digestable than cow hide we went to them when we found shards of cow hide in poop.
I learnt a lot after nursing my previous dog through liver (and later, kidney issues). I could kick myself for feeding her a cheap kibble for years. Even the expensive ones and yes even the 'prescription' ones have some dodgy ingredients imo. But if you are going to go for an expensive upmarket one I think you get better value by home cooking or maybe even raw. People worry about nutritional balance but there is plenty of advice on the net.
I lived in Uganda for a while where we didn't have the luxury of convenience pet food (or vets).. Our dogs were fed on disgusting meat cuts from the local market, veggie bits, local flour etc. It was all cooked up in a big pot and served up in smelly sticky wedges. The dogs went nuts for it and thrived.
After being given a death sentence of 2-3 months my girl went on to heal her liver and have a good life for another 3+ years. I am convinced this is down to the human quality food. Sometimes I cooked the same thing for me and put seasoning on mine later. My new dog has been fed on Burns. There are worse but we will be transitioning to fresh cooked.

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