Operation: New Home for ABC!
I know yall are working hard and forum updatees are very hard. That said I do have a wish list. A like and dislike button, updated chat program that you can post pictures or such to the room other chat options are voice or video either is nice. I came here recently as a new BC ower looking for advice. I found a nice place ful of beautiful pictures and decided to stay. I look forwards to amny years of this formu and since I just got here I really aint worried bout yall loosing anything.Thats why we blog and link. the important stuff.
Cappy we tried a "like" button and it wasn't well liked. lol

Members were clicking "like" and not posting so we did away with it. Sorry to say for now I don't think it is coming back. But I won't say never.

As for the rest of your requests let's wait and see what the new forums have to offer.

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I will say this - it is highly likely that bookmarks will get broken. That is due to the different ways forums decide to show the URLs, and the fact that Post and Thread IDs may change. It may not, That is actually something I haven't played with. I will look into it on Monday Smile Making a note to do so...
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I for one, am really looking forward to the new site! Main reason is I won't have to rely on Photobucket to post pics anymore! The fresh, new look is going to be awesome!! Big thanx to Linda and Ember for taking this on and making ABC better than ever!!! Snoopy
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WooHoo!!! Thank you, guys! I am just so glad this is getting done and no one thinks I need to be involved or understand the process.
Gotta love 'em.
Awesome I'm looking forward to the new updated forum !
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