BC puppy in Florida
If any of you know of someone in or near Florida who is looking for an active puppy (4 months) this little guy is looking for a new home.

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Good looking pup if we were not 40 hours away we might snag him. I'll ask some friends in the area
I want a pup so bad, but I have to wait a while longer. I seriously looked at him anyway, but they said they don't want him to go to a home with kids. That means he is already doing something that is a problem with kids.
Gotta love 'em.
At four months doing something with kids could be normal puppy behaviors. Running and over excited kids make a pup run and get over excited very quickly. Could be the owners don't know how to handle him.

Hope he finds a good home.

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I agree, but it does mean he needs an experienced owner and the time to make sure he does grow out of whatever is going on, rather than growing into it.
Gotta love 'em.
Dang it so close... if this came up in June I'd be all over it... It's too close to move date at this point to make that kind of change. Let us know if he remains available!
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Yes, he would definitely need lots of patient training. The owner has never had him around kids since she got him at 8 weeks, but apparently he reacted to a couple girls while he was still at his breeder's place.
Ember,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=193690#post193690 Wrote:Let us know if he remains available!
Sure will!

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