Hello from a newie
Hello to all! I am so glad I found this forum - it has given me so much information already!
My partner and I will be picking up our two Collie X Welsh Collie in two weeks and we seriously cannot wait!
We both work full time, I will be out the house 7-4 but we have arrangements in place for someone to go in for an hour to play with them and let them out etc. We currently have a size L crate for them to go in whilst we are out so they don't destroy the house (which i'm sure they would love to do but their mum and dad wouldn't love it so much - tehe!) Once old enough I will be walking them 30-60 minutes in the morning and then a good 60 - 90 minute walk in the evening. What are other peoples routines, how long do you leave your babies for and do you leave them in a crate?
Also do any of you own the same cross breed as haven't come across any photos of this cross yet? I know there isn't a huge difference but I am curious :-)
Thank you for reading and I apologise if there is already a thread explaining all this but I am new to this 'forum' stuff :-)
Hello and welcome Action-smiley-030 Wow you have some busy times ahead of you getting two pups at the same time. You need to be sure to give them lots of individual attention, time away from each other completely and just with their humans. There can be problems such as littermate syndrome if you are not very conscientious about how you raise them. Personally I would prefer that they had seperate crates, their own space seperate and independent of the other. I think 2 pups or dogs left in one crate particularly unsupervised could be risky.

We don't have much of a routine when it comes to exercise, I just mix it up and decide at the time. Mine sleep in crates at night but otherwise are only left in crates on infrequent occasions for a maximum of 3 hours. We are lucky to have a friendly climate in Australia so if needing to leave them for the day they can be left in an outside enclosure (14m x 4m) with access to my studio for shelter.
Hello-Thank you for your reply. Yes I totally agree with you - we wanted to get two because we will be leaving them through the day so wanted to make sure they had some company when no humans are about. Also the other reason for getting two is my partner wants a companion dog, a dog he can take walking etc or to the pub. I want a dog who i can train and take to agility classes- therefore both dogs will have their alone time with their humans :-)
Yes our hands are going to be full for the next few months!
Welcome to ABC! Bouncing I would second the two crates and make sure they have dividers. There should be enough room in the crate for the pup to comfortably stand up, turn around and lay down in. No more and no less or you will be finding little accidents or the pup will be uncomfortable. And if it comes with the divider you can adjust it as the pup grows.

Any pics you can share? Blush
Hi and welcome.

Personally I wouldn't get 2 puppies together.

By Welsh Collie do you mean Welsh Sheepdog? I had a friend who had a Border Collie x Welsh Sheepdog.

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I agree Oenoke, I found it challenge enough with 12 months in between because the younger one is inclined to be much more focussed on the older one than on the humans. It's not about the physical work but the emotional development. I've had to be very mindful of ensuring opportunities for Jasper to bond just as well with me as Max did with being an only dog. Easy in theory but in day to day life it can easily get away from you. Jasper can tend to be preoccupied with Max's movements. Jasper will only be 10 months when we get our girl and I know I am cutting it a little close.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Hi , we got our second bc yesterday the older girl is ,8 months old only problem we seem to be having is Chaotic feeding times both are greedy so put an extra child gate on to keep them separated never used a crate only child gates usually always someone at home we work shifts and occasionally the teenagers come downstairs to help ,always found a good run tired Skye out if she was left home alone for a few hours knew she was sleeping when We came home could hear her jumping off a bed upstairs then come running down to greet us , she never really damaged the house apart from loo rolls letters and cardboard boxes a dog trainer from years ago told us to use cayenne pepper mixed with water and made into a paste to paint corners on the woodwork but I think bitter apple spray would work as well without all the mess it does stain the woodwork. But it washes off , never though I would get another dog after our last one collapsed and died at the boarding kennels the day before we went on holiday a year later we have two ,worth the hard work definitely a valued part of the family and your new pups will be a great addition to your family to
Hi and welcome
I am excited for you. I understand your reason for getting two pups. But it will be tough. Also they will bond very strongly which makes you the outsider. I would certainly spend training, mind games individually with them. If you just take them out to run together for exercise, then again they have their own little pack. Most experienced people will not get two pups together for this reason. I have mentioned before I have taken in the odd Aussie pup for my friend who breeds them. Occasionally then pups new home is not ready or she is not sure which one she is keeping back, anyways once 8 weeks she prefers to only have one at her house.

Congratulations on your new puppies! Sounds like they'll be a lot of work, in a good way though! Wink I've never tried two puppies at once, our dogs have always been at least a few years apart before we added another..

Good luck with your new pups! They sound like they'll be lots of fun! Smile
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