Hello! New BC mum to an 8month old rehomed boy
Hi everyone
I've just rehomed an 8month old Short haired a Welsh BC.
We've named him Berkeley.
He was living in a home with a cat, another older Collie and two older kids with special needs.
They wanted to rehome him as they felt that they could not give him the attention and training he needs.
We've had him two weeks and there have been ups and downs - as you'd expect.
I'm not new to dogs but it's been a while and he is my first BC. ( previous dogs were labs and German Shepard's).
I have an 11 year old son and 3 cats also.
He is a lovely boy and I know it'll take patience, love and time till we're all settled in together.
I've joined this form for BC specific advice and stories and just to find a place to share stories and tbh to get some reassurance that it will be worth the hard bits (I know it will but sometimes it's good to hear it from those who have been through it)
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Hello and welcome Action-smiley-030 He's a lovely looking boy and I'm sure you are going to do great. There are several members with lot's of experience with re-homes and I absolutely love hearing their success stories as I am sure you will as well. I'm sure there will be tons of sound experience based advise should you ever need it. GSD's are a bit of a favourite with a few of us as well. I look forward to following your adventure.
Action-smiley-030 Hi and welcome to ABC. Thank you for rescuing him. I love his ears. Grin

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Action-smiley-030 Hello and Welcome-sign12
Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
:wlcom: It certainly is all worth it! Handsome little guy. Love the ears too! Snoopy
Hi and Welcome! Action-smiley-030
What a beautiful boy he is!
Hi and welcome
He has such an intelligent look about him, maybe a hint of mischief, lol
Hi and welcome

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Thanks guys - I really appreciate the words of welcome!
His ears are something else, aren't they? We've already nicknamed him Bat Dog!

And yes, QuirkyDog - a bucket load of mischief too!!!
Hi and welcome! He looks like a smart boy and will probably catch on quick to the new rules in the new house.
Gotta love 'em.

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