Ember and I playing in a ring!
Sniff...this made me cry a bit, happy tears. I know what it is like to have a dog that you work and work and work and sometimes feel like you are getting nowhere. I love Ember's wagging tail and her prance. She looks so happy!
Chris I think everyone here is very proud of how far you and Ember have come over the last couple of months.
Wow what a journey
You guys are so sweet - it's amazing to have a group of people share this journey with. I know in the beginning I was a hard one to get information into, but man, you guys were more than patient with me! And look what all of us have to show for it!

Sometimes it takes a village! And this little girl is happier, healthier, and better for it. We still have "those days", but it's so much more like natural "don't mess with me today, kthanks" that anyone can fall into easily.

Monday after coming home, she slept a lot, but attitude wise you would have never known I had overloaded her with this trip. So so cool to see it all coming together, finally! Thank you guys for all of the support and love Smile

I can't wait to start nose work next month. I'm saving up for it now. I can't wait to see what further difference it makes.
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