New Border Collie owner
Hi everyone

I just found your site whilst looking for general advice on training etc for my Border Collie Puppy.

We have named him Shadow and he is 18 weeks old. We are trying to take him as many places as possible to get him used to everything.

He seems to be learning well and his recall is pretty good, and sit and down are improving most of the time although he seems to have stubborn moments.

We are however struggling with the house training.
At home my daughter has a 12 year old schnoodle who he is now bigger than. Last week we took shadow away on holiday and whilst staying away from home in a cottage we had no accidents at all. But as soon as we got home we have had accidents . Could this be related to having another dog at home.

I would appreciate any thoughts and advice

Hi and :wlcom: Shadow looks like a cutie in your profile pic! Any other pics you can share? Grin

Remember at 18 weeks he is still very much a baby. Potty training takes a long time. In fact my 1 year old sill has an occasional accident. Don't get discouraged and don't be hard on yourself or your pup, it will all start getting better soon.
As loyal Borders says he is a baby, he is still in potty training.
I had very few accidents with my pups, but I was vigilant. Pup just woke up, pup just fed, pup starts sniffing, pup hasn't been out in over an hour, it is hard work. I take pup out and stay with him, big praises when he potties. I would never make any fuss if pup had an accident, it would be my fault. At night or if I needed to go out pup was crated for their own safety and to aid potty training.
This went on for quite some time, the only difference Being a pup would be able to go longer as it grew older. You will see pup will show signs of asking to go out, but don't rely on that.
It is quite funny I still tell my 14 year old she is a good girl when I see her potty, I guess I trained myself well
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It could be that one of the reasons you didn't have accidents while on holiday is stress. Both my dogs (especially Mattie) go a lot longer between potty breaks when I travel with them. House training just takes a lot of time. Be consistent and look out for signs that he needs to go out. I adopted Mattie at 18 months and even at that age I needed to take her out every two hours during the day to keep her from having accidents (I'm sure it was the stress of being in a new home).

And please post a few photos. There is no such thing as too many puppy photos. Big Grin
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Gotta love 'em.
Hi and Welcome to you and Shadow!

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