Flea collars anyone??
After many years working in a vet office, I came to the conclusion that flea collars are THE PLACE where all the fleas run and hide. Even the ones that "worked" didn't work long. Down here, within a year of Serestor collars coming out, they quit working. The fleas became immune to them, but they didn't stop making dog sick when they were put on. My vet doesn't like the Scalibor collars, so I don't know anything about them.
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I've heard dogs developing allergies to flea collars. We have ticks here so I use Frontline every 4 weeks in the summer, longer gap in the winter as it doesn't get cold enough to make them hibernate they are just less active. He has a bath twice a year max, like the comment about Scotchgard coat!!! He can come back from a walk really muddy but a quick towel off and he is fine.
Thanks for all the advice yall. We live in the deep soggy south. heck even I occasionally get fleas. Some folks spray their whole yards but i hate that it drives off honey bees and just wrecks our garden eco system. The citrus trees produced less and even the frogs and lizards left the yard. I did that once years ago and neva again True no fleas and ants but not worth the sacrifice not to mention chemicals. We are scared of oral but think on the advice of our vet she assures us they have been improved. we may go that route.

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Some of the oral ones are much easier on the dog than the topical ones. I have issues there as well. I don't like putting chemicals on the ground, so why would I want them on/in my dog? I try to use any of that stuff as little as possible.
Gotta love 'em.
I've heard of people using garlic as a natural preventive. I know that garlic can be bad but I guess It's all about moderation. They use like 1/3 of a clove per 20lbs of dog a week. Does anyone know if this works (and if it's completely safe?)
Well me and Jollie got another flea bath and currently aint too itchy She learned about fire lants last week when she stuck her nose in a nest. Tough lesson I know but now she gives them a wide berth. I try to poison them when I see them but she saw that one first.

Back on topic we are going to the vet Tuesday and we will get what she recommends and uses on her dogs hopefully not too expensive.
Have you ever heard of D.E.? Diatomaceous Earth. I have friends who live in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee who use it in their yards and for their animals. It is a multi purpose powder.

https://draxe.com/diatomaceous-earth/ http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/degen.html My friends rave about how well it works for fleas and other crawly things.

I have used it for many different reasons for the past 15 years.

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yes we have some but it dont seem to work that well. Neither does those flea away pills. WE are going to use centinal. We use it on Beaux and it works well but need bigger ones for Jollie so we will get the vet to perscribe them.
I've given my dogs garlic in the past and it seems to work only when there aren't too many fleas in the first place. At the height of the season, it doesn't seem to be able to keep up.

The other issue is that some dogs are very sensitive to garlic and can have problems on even the very small "safe" amount. The only way to know is to give garlic and see if problem pop up. Those problems can be deadly.
Gotta love 'em.
after exhaustive research and discussion we decided to go with advantage topical. It covers every thing fleas ticks all worms even mange. its monthly and economical and effective. We gave Jolie' her first one today and time will tell. I wasn't looking for wards to another flea shampoo bath.

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