Flea collars anyone??
Wondering yall thoughts on flea collars Jollie is getting itchy and giving her a bath once a week in flea shampoo is kinda rough on acounta she loves a bath a lil too much. Rolleyes

Thinking about getting her a flea collar. Any brand ya can recommend as working years ago I used hartz but a friend told me they aint too good anymore any thoughts would be appreciated.
Unfortunately I have none on the flea collar - we use Capstar pills (once a month from the vet). Thanks for the reminder, we are out!
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Thanks for the reply Ember. Peg is not here but years ago we ahd a horrible experience with the pills. She knows the brand but we gave them to 2 dogs and are convinced they killed one dog and seriously damaged the liver on another. They were pulled from the market later but too late for us. We are scared of the pills. We give da brat a bath in flea soap once a week he stands there and enjoys the rubbing and cooperates.

Jollie is 3 times his size and full of puppy playful enthusiasm She digs bites teh water and jsut has too much fun I always wind upwetter than her. So I was thinking the answer for a while at least would be a collar.
I don't use any flea prevention. I will not regularly put chemicals on or have them ingest chemicals just because. I will treat if needed which in over 30 years has been 3 times. Collars particularly are nasty.
I have lived in 3 different countries, walk my dogs in various places, regular contact with other dogs via clubs. 3 times that is it.
I do deworm twice of year. Only once for May.
I only do pup Vaccines, with the Rabies if needed at 20 or 24 weeks., They will get a booster about 6 years but separated. And that is it
Sorry a bit holier than though, not meant to be just giving you my protocol
I live in city and roll the dice on fleas and ticks much to the annoyance of my cousin and vet. HOWEVER. I treat topically ( hate it is oily and gross) in advance before visiting parents. They feed deer. Ticks are abundant.He has a Lyme disease vaccine. BUT better safe than sorry. I can always bathe upon return.
I'm not a big fan of flea collars or pour ons. We unfortunately have no option but to use a tick prevention as on the east coast of Australia we are plagued with the deadly paralysis tick. Daily checks are simply not adequate and if your dog picks up a paralysis tick they are in serious trouble within 12 hours. If a symptom is your first indication, your dog is in for a fight for it's life. The antivenin is very slow acting and many dogs still die while in hospital and on a drip of the antivenin. Paralysis usually starts with the hind limbs and spreads to the heart and lungs. The tick is so prolific that it is not just a risk of getting one but pretty much a certainty if your dog is not protected. Small native animals even spread them right into your shortly mown house yard and I got one from just laying on the grass with the dogs. We use Bravecto and it also covers fleas.
I would really love to not have to use these products but in our situation they are a necessary evil. Although the ticks are around all year they are worse in the warmer weather so I give the dogs a break from treatment for a few months in winter. I have used the Bravecto on 3 dogs now with no ill effect. You will find those that are against it but it is all proportionate to it's popularity. I don't think there is any product that doesn't sit badly with some dog somewhere.
I personally don't think bathing on a weekly basis is a great idea and may be drying Jollie's skin out too much as you are constantly stripping away the natural oils. This might be the cause of the itching in Jollie's case. Every dog is different and while your other little fellow might cope with weekly baths, perhaps Jollie doesn't. Mine would be lucky to get a bath every few months. They don't smell and I often comment that their coats are like they are treated with Scotchguard. They can be filthy from a swim in the dam and before you know it they are clean and snowy white again.
Trifan I have just realized how fortunate I have been in where I have lived. That I can choose not to be preventative without risking my dogs health. If there was a serious health risk then I would certainly be preventative. Ticks were a problem in Germany however.
Thirty some years ago tics were these annoying gross things we sat around the campfire removing. Competing to see which kid had the most from running wild unsupervised through the woods all day. We only used tic collars because finding big swollen tics was really gross. Skunks were more of concern. Fleas have never been issue unless we came in contact with the wrong dog who lived in a more flea friendly lifestyle. I still don't give them much thought considering how he lives. I also bathe once twice a year aside a roll in incident. I like his coat the way it is he scratches more if I have to give his underside a good rinse after a long walk in slush an road salt a a few times every week.
These posts are making me glad I live in the desert. No fleas or ticks. We do have the West Nile virus here but staying away from mosquitoes is easy.
The only flea and tick collars that I know of that work are seresto and scalibor. When I took Star away last year she had her normal Bravecto tablet (12 weeks protection against fleas and ticks), an advocate spot on (28 days protection against fleas and most worms) and seresto collar (6 months protection against fleas and ticks) on my vets advise.

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