Hi from UK
Welcome! I'm sorry for your loss - just about everyone on the forum will know how terrible you feel. And, yes, another dog does help! Let us know how it goes with the 8-year-old you are thinking of adopting.
Hi and welcome! Don't feel bad for your lowsy days - you are allowed a few years of them after you loose a pet Wink. Indeed we all know how it feels.
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Hi Chrissy, so sorry it is never easy and I know the roller coaster ride emotionally we can take with these beloved old dogs. It is soul destroying.

"Your wings were ready, but my heart was not"
"But she surprised me by struggling against the initial sedation. I still feel terrible and guilty. Maybe I should have waited longer and had more time together."

I'm so sorry that you lost your best friend.  Please don't feel guilty.  When a dog is stressed they will act more energetic and even happy.  Last November I was certain my German Shepherd was dying. I had to have my son help me roll him onto a blanket and we struggled to get him out the door and into my van.  My vet had told me to go to the emergency vet and when I got him there they managed to get him up and walking, it was because he wanted OUT, he wanted to go home.  Once I got him back in the car he was back to my dying dog.  I got him home and there was no way I was getting him out of the car.  I called my vet and told her I was bringing him in.  

I usually get through my day nicely until the evening, after dinner, and then I miss him so much that I feel like my heart will break.

Another dog will help.  My Tasha and Mattie have been a great comfort to me.  I think people that love dogs have a little space in their heart that is reserved for loving a dog and when there isn't a dog that space is so empty.

Sorry for the sad story.  Welcome and I hope you find another dog to love soon.
Hello! Sorry for your loss! I hope to see pics of this BC you are thinking of adopting! Im also from the uk! Just a little more south than you in bristol lol.
That's almost London! Big Grin

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