Hi from UK
I live in a rural part of North UK and am here because my dear border collie of nearly 17 years passed and I am looking for some advice on my next dog. Guess what breed....
Thank you
Hi and welcome

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Hi and Welcome!

That's a sad massage to say goodbye to your friend, but what a great age to become almost 17 years!
She was given 2 months to live at the age of 13 due to poor liver health. I thought 'no way' and pulled her round with special diet and care. The vets were amazed and thought her liver must have regenerated. At that point she was also on a steroid inhaler for lung inflammation. Shortly after a blood test showed that her liver values had dropped hugely but kidney values were on the rise. The next 3 years were spent doing lots of home cooking and trying to balance opposing kidney and liver needs. Just after 16 she started eating less and losing weight but she remained jaunty and cheerful. Blood tests showed her liver values were on the rise again. She got some rear end weakness and I had to carry her upstairs at night. Then she had 3 seizures each around 2 months apart. They were likely related to her liver health but could also have been stroke etc. The last one was terrible but I couldn't help but see if she could pull round a little longer. It took a week for her to improve though she never did quite get back to her old self. After 3 or so weeks she suddenly got really slow and a bit more spacey. I think her vision was worse too. I tried Vivitonin then Aktivait but she was hardly eating. One day when she had been laid here a while not very responsive I plucked up the courage to call the vet to my home for a peaceful passing.
The vet agreed it was time. But she surprised me by struggling against the initial sedation. I still feel terrible and guilty. Maybe I should have waited longer and had more time together. She was with me from a puppy and a constant in my life through several house moves. Now I just feel cut adrift.
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Welcome to ABC.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Action-smiley-030 Welcome. Sorry about your loss.
Really sorry for your loss, she will always be with you but having a youngster around can help. Welcome to ABC. I'm in the Channel Islands
Hi and welcome! So sorry you lost your pup.
Gotta love 'em.
Thanks. Sorry to go on. Sometimes I feel fine, other times I am back to feeling like my world ended. Hoping another dog (or dogs) will help but also hoping it is not too soon.
I'm in the Upper Eden Valley Cumbria sandwiched between the Yorkshire Dales, Weardale and the Lake District. To those not from the UK, that's just below Scotland! Most dogs round here are BCs - mostly farm dogs riding quad bikes.
Action-smiley-030 Hello and Welcome.

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