Bronwen's Training
Bronwen is coming on really well everywhere but at dog class where she's the class clown and makes me look like I do no training with her at all - forgets 'sit' etc.  LOL So I decided to try and get her on video to prove that she's actually a good girl  Giggle (I need to train her to pick up her toys and bones next!)

Seems well behaved to me! I don't know what they're talking about. Giggle
aaawww so good...watched the video with a big smile! Good girl indeed! Big Grin
Great! What do you use for treats in class? Maybe you need something higher value when there are so many distractions, or Bronwen just needs more time to grow up.
Gotta love 'em.
So very sweet! Such a good girl! And very smart! She does have some growing to do, and there are some proofing techniques you can work on too to really solidify those cues.

For instance, you can ask for a sit while your feet are moving, or with a smaller cue, or while taking a step, etc. Then you can build up from there. This way, JUST asking for the cue suddenly is glaringly obvious because she's learned it around all kinds of distractions. I learned this in relation to actual Rally obedience cues (using hand signals) as a way to make the hand signal by itself that much more obvious, so I'm not sure if it would work in this case or if you use hand signals (I saw the luring for the down, which IS a signal too).

One thing to watch - you repeat your commands a lot. This kind of waters down the meaning - she can pick up that the first cue is just a choice.
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Thanks Ember, useful advise - I realised how much I repeated when I watched it back.

GM - she gets chicken breast which is the absolute top treat for her. She just wants to play with the other dogs as she loves making friends!
Good pup, Bronwen!

She is so young and I think it is good that she is so social. It makes training more difficult for you but in the long run having a dog that thinks everything is the best thing ever and wanting to meet and greet all the other dogs is a good thing. Tasha was like that but now she is really focused on working with my daughter where Mattie (who is terrified of strange dogs) is still a challenge to train.

And for Tasha, treats don't work, she thrives on work. Every once in a while we will bring out a tennis ball to help with training but we have to be really careful because she ends up too focused on the ball.
If I'm correct Bronwen is about 2-3 months younger than my BC. She is 13 months old basically now.

Ray has been an overall great dog since 8 weeks old but in the last 2 months she has really rounded out. I remember trying to show some friends and family some tricks I taught her and she would sort of do them but not as quick or with the same preciseness as when we are alone. Now at 13 months she is way better at listening and focusing on me even in distracting places.

You are doing a great job with Bronwen. Keep having fun and be patient.
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Thanks all.

Scott, you're correct - Bronwen is 10months next week. I've noticed certain things have suddenly clicked with her (recall especially - which is very useful!). I really enjoy working with her most of the time and its actually quite amusing at class as I know she can do what's asked but is having too much fun. When I took her out on a class group walk despite being the youngest she was one of the best behaved - in part because out in the countryside is far more 'her' environment than in a sports hall. I was pleased to get her on video stringing moves together though haha

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