Degenerative eye condition in rescue collie
A dog I am considering is losing his sight. The rescue site lists this as a 'degenerative eye condition'. The actual kennels told me he has collie eye AND cataracts and that the vets feel there is nothing that can be done. They gave me the vet contact but the vet I spoke to - reading from the notes - seemed a bit clueless and couldn't confirm anything other than the cataracts.
I am not bothered about the blindness but am concerned that there might be something else going on. His eyes are a bit narrowed - not fully open. They look a bit sore to be honest though I haven't seen him rubbing them. Could collie eye be responsible for this or are there other possible eye conditions which could cause it? Thanks
Does he have small eyes? Is he mostly white or marked in any way that would make you think he might be a double merle?
Gotta love 'em.
No he is standard solid black with white. I'll try to include a pic but haven't got a close up yet.
[Image: bec010d948ef35e4f90d8062132f5c41.jpg]

I would describe his eyes as not fully open rather than small and they look a bit inflamed though not weeping or crusted. I am trying to have my head rule the heart here. A former neighbour was told her blind rescue dog might need corrective surgery if something or other happened and I can't remember what that was! Also looking at the net it appears some conditions need medication which is itself potentially damaging. The RSPCA here charges at least £150 for rehoming and that includes the health check. Don't expect a full work up but something this obvious should be identified. My main concern is that he shouldn't be in discomfort or at risk of bigger problems developing. Plus I am not shy of vets bills - they go with the territory. But after several years of care and outlay, I am a bit concerned about jumping straight back on the emotional and financial roller coaster. Thanks anyway. The kennels has been back in touch with the vets and the person who examined him is supposed to be getting in touch.

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