Doggie Quirks
Making some progress with cars. Today - on his first visit to the vet - Ben happily got in the car. But it had to be a certain side - he wouldn't get in on the other side!
It's a step in the right direction! Big Grin
Baby steps.  Good boy, Ben.  Smile
This didn't happen with my old dog so I was surprised yesterday, to see my partially sighted dog suddenly start watching the TV intently.
What was on? Why an episode of Supervet of course....
LOL I can see him now... it's like doggie horror... "Run! Get out of there! How stupid is this dog?!"
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(03-17-2017, 07:58 AM)Ember Wrote: LOL I can see him now... it's like doggie horror... "Run! Get out of there! How stupid is this dog?!"

I shielded his eyes when they showed the operating table
I'll never forget the first week we had Josie, some of the things she found frightening! She'd come from a farm so granted there were many new experiences in suburbia for her. The most memorable for me was bin day. Every morning that week we'd been up at 6am for a short wee walk down the block.. came out that morning to a Street lined with garbage bins ready for collectionand poor Josie nearly dragged me back in the house. Must have looked like a line of giant Monsters to her!

Something I have to say about her though is that despite her sensitive and sometimes nervous nature, as soon as she comes to understand something, she's totally fine with it. Previous dogsof other breeds we've had in the past have had things they've been frightened of, and they've stayed that way their whole life.
(03-12-2017, 12:46 PM)Chrissy Wrote: Does your dog have any strange habits/quirks/fears?
Every day is a learning experience with Ben the recent rescue collie. Some friends came to visit and parked their car alongside my house a few yards from the gate. It's the first time he has seen a car parked there. Well he dug his heels in and cowered as he tried to back off. Moving cars are a different story - he has to be restrained from chasing them.  But he would not go near that parked car and to get past we had to do a big detour around. At first I thought it was just the sight of the new object but in retrospect maybe he thought he was going to be put in the car and taken away. You wonder what goes on in their heads sometimes....

Quirky?  Delilah's second name......

She eats so daintily.  Small bites.  If I give her 'people' food, usually a piece of steak or chicken, I have to cut it into smaller bits or she will not eat it and will wait until I make it 'bite sized'.  She also eats her kibble daintily.

Quirky behavior?  She organizes her toys.  She will group her balls by size.  She organizes them in tight groups, but they must be the same size.  Fortunately, she only has small ones and volley balls.  If I looked out and saw four different sizes grouped by size, I think I would feel really weird.  When she was very small, she would drag all her toys to a particular corner of the family room to 'put them away', I guess.

When she goes  out to do her business, she digs a hole like a cat does, makes a deposit, and then covers it with the soil  she dug out.

Can dogs have OCD?  :-)

Wow a tidy dog. How wonderful! I think you should add some different sized balls and see what happens....
BCs are known for OCD...
Gotta love 'em.

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